Bands For Freedom Foundation, Inc. and Introduce Camouflage Wristbands for Troops

March 11, 2005   Lifestyle News

Bands For Freedom Foundation, Inc. and today announced the silicone wristband. The new custom-designed camouflage wristbands are designed to bolster support for the men and women of the U.S. military and can be worn by soldiers in the field while dressed in battle fatigues, as well as by supporters here at home.

“Soldiers were wearing the normal red, white and blue Bands For Freedom while they were off-duty, but when they were dressed in camouflage or out in the field, they weren’t able to wear the brightly colored wristbands,” said Steve Cloward, president and chief executive officer of Bands For Freedom. “We put our heads together with and created a camouflage band that soldiers can wear while they work.”

Marked with the words “Support Our Troops,” the wristbands were created to garner increased support for the war on terror and the troops who make sacrifices for our freedom. They are similar to those made popular by the Lance Armstrong Wear Yellow Live Strong Foundation, but resemble some of the modern hunting camouflage patterns and feature a blend of green, brown, tan and white. (See photo of wristbands at

Bands For Freedom and continue to support the troops by contributing all after-cost revenue from their wristband sales to the Armed Forces Relief Trust (AFRT). The Bands For Freedom Foundation, Inc. has been one of the AFRT’s most ardent contributors, having raised more than $100,000 for the organization.

Soldiers aren’t the only ones who can wear the camouflage wristbands. is offering the bands to anyone interested in advancing the cause of freedom and supporting the U.S. troops. While being marketed mainly to the more than 4 million members, the bands are available to all. Soldiers and civilians alike can buy the bands for one dollar a piece by either visiting or by calling (866) 217-5595.

About Bands For Freedom Foundation, Inc.
Created in 2004, Bands For Freedom follows the lead of its predecessor, Freedombands, Inc., and has become an enormously popular supplier of patriotic silicone wristbands. Designed to aid Americans in making a respectful and unified statement in honor of the men and women of the armed forces, Bands For Freedom donates all after-cost proceeds to the Armed Forces Relief Trust.

Military Advantage &
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About The Armed Forces Relief Trust
The Armed Forces Relief Trust ( is a unique non-profit fund created to collect donations for U.S. troops and their families. The AFRT has a proud history of providing needed funds for men and women of the armed forces and their families and, unlike many other charitable organizations, distributes 100 percent of the money it raises among the five divisions of the military. The AFRT helps soldiers and their families cover basic living expenses such as rent, food, utilities and car repairs, and offers interest-free loans and grants to help with bills while soldiers are away serving their country. Soldiers who must travel back to the United States for a funeral, the birth of a child or other emergencies can turn to the AFRT to access the money they need to travel.
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