Camping In Africa? It May Not Be What You Think. Africa Adventure Consultants Demystifies Tent-Dwelling in Africa.

October 27, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
DENVER, CO (October 27, 2006) – Just mention the word “tent” and many people shudder at the memories of unpleasant summer camp experiences of their youth. Well, in Africa the idea of sleeping in a tent is much more luxurious and is also steeped in history. In fact, Kent Redding, President of Africa Adventure Consultants, recommends that each and every one of his clients spend at least a portion of their African safari “under canvas.”

“Safari” is actually a Swahili word meaning “Journey”. In the early 1900’s the colonial settlers of East Africa would take many African porters with them as they set out into the bush on expeditions. The porters began calling these trips “Safaris” and the term stuck. These journeys were always very luxurious, with gourmet food and large, canvas tents with full beds and other creature comforts – even in the most remote areas of the African bush! To this day African safaris are inherently luxurious and the classic “tented camp” remains one of the most romantic ways to experience a safari in Africa.

Many of the tented properties in Africa are permanent structures, including raised wooden floors, en suite bathrooms, fine linens and room butlers. These tents traditionally offer queen size beds, beautiful interior decorations and oftentimes comfortable deck furniture on spacious front sitting areas overlooking a river or the vast African savannah. In some cases these tents are not permanent in that the camp is taken down during the rainy season, but the tents still offer most or all the comforts of the permanent tented camps.

Harkening back to the original roots of Safari, mobile tented camping is also a luxurious way to experience the bush. These camps are more lightweight so camp can be moved during the course of the safari, yet this style of camping maintains all the comforts travelers have come to expect. Mobile tented camping provides individual tents along with a dining tent for the common area where meals are taken. Luxury Mobile Tented Camps have showers and toilets attached to the tents and offer full beds and furniture in these mobile tents. Adventure Camps are more lightweight still and offer domed tents with cots, bedding, and separate toilet and shower tents. Adventure camping is well, for the most adventurous travelers!

“Tented accommodations in Africa allow travelers to feel more in-tune with the bush, letting guests really hear the sounds of the African night,” said Kent Redding, President of Africa Adventure Consultants. “Another significant benefit is that tented accommodations tend to be removed from some of the more crowded areas, offering travelers a more exclusive and intimate safari experience. These tented experiences are oftentimes the most memorable experience for our clients while on safari.”

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