E-Machine and the small entrepreneur

October 29, 2006   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) In 2004, a rather abstract company that went by the name e machine was discovered as being a small, cheaper, user Ė friendly computer maker that shared shelf space with some of the large and dominating players like Compaq, HP, and IBM. This was quite an admirable feat for the entrepreneur that founded this up and coming company. The spirit of competition and perseverance was alive and very profitable at e-machine : they obviously were able to take away market share from competitors with the low cost they provided to end users, end users like other entrepreneurs. But as generally happens with young, well run and profitable companies, a larger company will court the fledgling and take it under its wing, or buy them out if you will.

It is the reason we get up in the morning: trying to achieve success through ambition, ideas, hard work and just the American spirit. Why do so many people want to move to a great country like the US? It seems the majority want a better life and where else is the climate friendlier, than the United States.

This year, another entrepreneur wanted to pursue the American dream and create a company. First it takes an idea and then the tools to bring it to fruition. When Edmond McGuyer thought of, ShopFromHomepage.com, he had no idea how important his company would be. Like most start up companies, you need a computer: especially if you are developing an internet business. After the purchase of one e-machine laptop from 2004, the need for a new computer with more recent advances was summoned. For the benefit of e-machine, it was another one of their products.

ShopFromHomepage.com was founded on the idea that customers still want to find local business; however, with all of the competition from the nationals and the huge marketing budgets, the local business can become lost. However, an opportunity always seems to exist and with the aid of a map, ShopFromHomepage.com provides the means for local business to be seen geographically, not just a name in a book or entry on page 3 of a search engine. Now customers, both present and future can find all the information offered 24 hours a day in the location of interest. Information was web2.0, in other words, it is local and communitized. This company has plans to help business owners in several major metropolitan cities to start.

All business requires the satisfaction of its customers if success is to be achieved. Customer service is a critical element in business or the emphasis on consumer loyalty, and recommendations would not be so significant. However, when companies become so large that you can hardly ever find the right person to talk with, then customer service becomes lost in the balance.

When a computer manufacturer advertises world class customer service and they have been used before, a sense of good will is established. Remembering that several years earlier, a young computer company was making a name for itself, McGuyer bought another e-machine to help build his company. When there were problems with the computer, he remembered the claim and promise of world class customer service.
Six months after purchasing the computer and having to return it 5 times, most business owners would think resolution was near, but it appears that e-machine grew too quickly.
Companies that lay claim to exceptional customer service should all be viewed carefully. Customer service can make or break a company today: perhaps that is one reason that most companies want some sort of survey filled out, so the customers that are not taken care of can be averaged out.

As of today, McGuyer is still trying to get a replacement computer: not a new one like was purchased, but a refurbished unit. It seems that the definition of world class customer service is ďtry again tomorrow. ď

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