Beautiful Oceans’ new partnerships bring marine biology training to dive professionals

November 02, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Beautiful Oceans’ new partnerships bring marine biology training to dive professionals

MONTREAL —Beautiful Oceans has agreed international partnerships with three of the world’s most respected dive training facilities – ProDive International, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Utila Dive Center (UDC), in Utila, Honduras, and Total Diving in Montreal, Canada. Under the new partnership, ProDive, UDC and Total Diving will become Beautiful Oceans Science Instructor Development Centers, capable of training and certifying dive professionals to teach Beautiful Oceans coral reef biology courses.

"ProDive, UDC and Total Diving are recognized as world leaders in dive training," says Stephan Becker, President and co-founder of Beautiful Oceans. "These new partnerships represent a giant fin-kick forward, which will vastly increase the number of dive professionals that have the opportunity to become trained and certified to teach coral reef biology courses." ProDive, UDC and Total Diving will begin training dive professionals next month, when their staff members complete Beautiful Oceans’ Science Instructor training program.

UDC was created in 1991 as an adventure outpost in Utila, Honduras. They hold the highest rating awarded to a PADI Career Development Center, have been recognized for 'Outstanding contribution to the dive industry' and have issued the highest number of entry-level diving certifications per year in the Caribbean for two consecutive years. UDC will train Beautiful Oceans Science Instructors through the newly established Utila Center for Marine Ecology (UCME). Alongside Science Instructor certifications, UCME will also offer Beautiful Oceans coral reef biology courses for recreational scuba divers and snorkelers. "I have been thoroughly impressed by the effectiveness of the training provided by Beautiful Oceans," says Andy Phillips, Director of Professional Training at Utila Dive Centre. "Coral reef biology courses promise to be a hit here, and I am looking forward to passing this knowledge on to future Science Instructors and customers that visit our local reefs."

At ProDive, Beautiful Oceans coral reef biology courses and Science Instructor certification will be integrated into their newly redesigned Resort Operator Specialist Course (ROS) - recognized worldwide as one of the highest levels of achievement on the ladder of dive professionals. "ProDive's ROS candidates will now not only be able to better understand how the coral reef ecosystem functions, but will be able to pass that knowledge on through well-designed Science Diver courses to the end-customer wherever they will choose to operate," says Dr. Alex Brylske, Vice President of Educational Development at ProDive International and Senior Editor, Dive Training Magazine.

Total Diving—a PADI 5 Star Career Development Center—becomes Canada's first PADI Career Development Center certified to train Science Instructors and teach Beautiful Oceans coral reef biology courses. "I have been very impressed by the high quality of the course material available to both the students and the instructor," says Darcy Kieran, President of Total Diving and a Beautiful Oceans Science Instructor Candidate. "Beautiful Oceans coral reef biology courses will definitely make a valuable addition to all our Caribbean travel packages."

"This year Beautiful Oceans launched the world's first coral reef biology courses designed for recreational scuba divers and snorkelers," says Ian Popple, Vice-President Science & Education, and co-founder of Beautiful Oceans. "Our partnership with Prodive, UDC and Total Diving has allowed us to meet the demand of dive professionals that wish to bring marine biology education to their scuba diving and snorkeling clients."

Learn more about our DEMA specials for online Science Instructor Development Courses (SIDC). Discover how you can "catch the growing ecotourism wave with coral reef biology courses". You are invited to join our DEMA seminar on Friday, November 10, Room S310D - 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm – or meet us at booth #1585. UDC, Pro Dive International and Total Diving will be present at our seminar to deliver insights into how Beautiful Oceans coral reef biology courses will add value to their course offerings.

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