Free Weather Forecast Software

March 17, 2005   Technology News
(PRLEAP.COM) KIEV, UKRAINE Weather4You announces a new desktop weather forecast software a free download that provides instant forecasts on demand.

The Weather4You software provides current conditions in quick-read numbers and icons on the desktop, plus a summary report from the nearest weather monitoring station is just one click away. Conditions reported include:

Sky conditions
Wind direction
Wind speed

In addition, a summary report is produced with the relevant information. All this happens without having to open a browser window, or search a website for the information.

Once the default setting is established at a user's local weather monitoring post, it can be changed at any time to find out what the weather is like in another part of the world, such as where family members reside or are traveling, or how the conditions are where a client is before picking up the phone to call. For instance, from a desktop in Canada, the following summary report was produced:

"This is a report for Budapest / Ferihegy. The report was made 27 minutes ago, at 12:30 AM UTC. The wind was blowing at a speed of 4.6 miles per hour from west (270°). The wind was calm. The temperature was 1 °C, with a dew-point at 0 °C. The temperature felt like -1 °C. The atmospheric pressure was 29.59 inHg. The relative humidity was 0.0%. The overall visibility was greater than 10000 meters."

Weather4You updates its data every five minutes, which is considerably more frequent than most weather services update their information. The software will soon support additional languages.

The free download is available at .