Becoming an Expert as a Non-Fiction Author

Denver, Colorado   November 05, 2006   Entertainment News
(PRLEAP.COM) Join Ms. Bettye Jamerson and Dr. Taffy Wagner, co-hosts of the Literary Corner podcast, this Monday, November 6, 2006 as they discuss the necessary steps to become a recognized industry expert.

“Non-fiction authors may be very surprised to hear that they have already completed the first step in becoming established as an expert on their topic,” comments Dr. Wagner, “and that is to write and publish a book!” Dr. Wagner points out that a non-fiction author must research her topic thoroughly before she writes the book and going through the preparation and research process establishes her knowledge base above the average person.

“What is important here is to lay a foundation where you can begin to refer to yourself as an expert,” says Jamerson, “and then others will have an easier time accepting you as such.” Ms. Jamerson goes on to stress that authors cannot wait for someone else to call them an expert. “You have to be prepared to believe in yourself and to feel comfortable calling yourself an expert before you can expect your audience to feel comfortable.”

The Literary Corner hosts agree that writing articles, participating in public speaking engagements, and giving back to one’s local community are just a few of many important components in gaining the reputation of an expert in your field.

The virtuous women will take their listeners through an in depth, step-by-step, process to establish authors as experts and they have special advice for authors who are uncomfortable speaking in front of an audience. “Well, you will have to tune in to the Literary Corner this coming Monday to learn how to overcome this obstacle,” laughs Ms. Jamerson.

Ms. Bettye Jamerson and Dr. Taffy Wagner are published authors and have a wealth of experience in the publishing and promotion arena. Dr. Wagner is the author of 'Debt Dilemma' and ‘Homebuyer’s Helper’. Ms. Jamerson is the author of 'Love: The Greatest Choice of All', and 'For the Love of Beulah: Finding your Purpose in Life'.

Tune in to this week’s edition of the Literary Corner podcast on Monday, November 6, 2006 from 3:00 to 4:00 pm EST on the Drama Free Radio Network or by visiting
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