Will 2006 be a good year for local business?

Houston, Texas   November 05, 2006   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) The US Department of Commerce has reported 1st and 2nd quarters for 2006 at a combined 51.5 Billion $US in retail sales. Predictions for the year at or above 100 Billion appear to be on target with most analysts looking for 2006 US E-Commerce Sales to top 110 Billion. Retail Home sales are still expected to post their third strongest year since 2004. It seems that 2006 will be another good year for retailers and the holiday season officially begins next month.

Local business is positioned to benefit from increased local searches from customers seeking shopping opportunities near home. In fact, 41% of those searching near their home were interested in information ranging from local dry cleaners to realtors. The other 59% sought local restaurants, nightclubs, and other entertainment related industry. Local online advertising is expected to account for 1.3 Billion in spending for 2006.

With the emphasis on local searches becoming more prevalent, it is no wonder that the competition has become fierce in the vastness of the internet. Search Engines are like traffic cops directing visitors according to the newest developments. Not every business can be on page one; there are key words and search engine optimization plans to be perfected to secure prime visibility. The larger national chains have the talent and budget to secure that their company will appear in most searches.

How can local business owners compete against the newer and larger companies that are beginning to overshadow existing merchants that do not have the ability to pick up and move? During the holiday season, one method used yearly to entice customers from the competition is the many variations from having “sales”. Advertising for sales will increase significantly as nearly all merchants participate in this form of marketing.

A new company has been created to offer another choice to those businesses that are trying to compete against the majors and acquire more business. ShopFromHomepage.com utilizes geography in the form of a map to identify different shops and services in locations desired by local searches. In other words, if a customer searches for a widget shop in their neighborhood, they have a service that provides 1 stop click and glance shopping. 24 hour information is provided for the customer. This new service could reduce the needed discount directed to generate traffic.

The internet is the number one source for information. It has been a provider of global content with more pages being added daily; however the new demand is for local information. Web2.0 is coined for local information disseminated through community in a personal, individualized fashion. ShopFromHomepage is positioned to be a leader in web2.0. Edmond McGuyer, the founder of ShopFromHomepage.com says “Local business now has a way to be found among the giants and provide the service they were created for: offering convenience and service to community. With ShopFromHomepage, comes the advantage of utilizing a formidable budget to market the site and a one stop shopping experience for customers. In a way, it’s like going to your city’s internet mall.”

Notes to Editors: ShopFromHomepage.com is an online advertising company applying a radical, cost-effective solution to advertising and consumer needs. Business can promote their service in a cost-effective way for a whole year and gain measurable returns. Consumers can find the products and services they need locally, quickly. Perfect for those new to an area as well as anyone looking to buy services from their neighborhood, ShopFromHomepage.com uses utilizes the global power at a local, neighborhood level.

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