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Houston, Texas   November 08, 2006   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) Houston, TX……In an impressive course of events, welcomes Pioneer Homes, one of Houston’s leading home builders, and the endorsement of its service to provide additional high quality traffic to their company. To mark the occasion, Pioneer is designing a new symbol to be used in conjunction with the new online advertising company.

The Houston builder has been quick to recognize the opportunity offered by ShopFromHomepage; its management welcomes the position of being among the first to secure valuable map real estate to exhibit their locations. Pioneer Homes is known for its tradition of living up to its name in every field. Being one of the first to take advantage of this new high visibility platform indicates they are staying true to their mission. Brooks Valls, Director of E-Business, agrees that is unique in the fact that it offers everyone the ability to explore a city and locate other businesses that appreciate the potential from utilizing a simple, user friendly marketing tool for next to nothing.

Every visitor, whether conducting a local search or not, will most likely visit one of those red images and discover a wealth of information provided by the builder. When a guest approaches an image, they will be greeted by a short message and can then proceed to get more information from a simple click and arrive at the company’s website. Unlike a search engine, when a search is completed, the map will reappear versus having to re-enter the site: potential customers stay on the map accessing more information.

Edmond McGuyer, President and Founder of, is very happy with the decision by Pioneer Homes. “The name Pioneer is synonymous with our concept of becoming an innovator in the new information age. Anyone conducting a local search for a business in Houston is going to find Pioneer Homes: they currently build in 23 communities throughout the Houston area.” Within every community, there will always be a need for local business: utilizing this map can identify which stores are nearby versus having to resort to directories, and endless pages on a search engine, trying to find out what is near and what is not.

“It is all about convenience for the customer and cost effective marketing for a business” says McGuyer. “The price of providing information for one year starts at $100.00; the price of not providing information can cost much more.” Every business, large or small, now has a new opportunity to be found by people conducting local searches near their home. Not everyone who visits ShopFromHomepage will be in the market for a house, but they will become familiar with this builder and can bookmark him for future use. The foundation of this company is based on helping people find businesses in a specific geographical area; any and all types that want to cater to communities that would rather stay local.

Like any new community, business will find a location to serve customers. Now with a company that creates communities on the map, it is time for more locations to become identified. McGuyer had always envisioned that a home builder would be one of the first sponsors: “It is a natural progression that business will follow customers to new communities and begin to populate an area. We will be there to offer customers a simple 24/365 information resource for businesses to take advantage of. In fact, ShopFromHomepage is like a new internet mall for every community: stores that want to be under one roof providing utmost convenience will locate there.” Other locations include Los Angeles and Tucson and there is growing pressure to increase the number of cities offered by ShopFromHomepage.


Notes to Editors: is an online advertising company applying a radical, cost-effective solution to advertising and consumer needs. Business can promote their service in a cost-effective way for a whole year and gain measurable returns. Consumers can find the products and services they need locally, quickly. Perfect for those new to an area as well as anyone looking to buy services from their neighborhood, uses utilizes the global power at a local, neighborhood level.

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