Announces Addition of a New Service.

November 19, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
New London, Conn —The travel site that focuses on traveling along the New England Coast has announced a new service. The website has begun to review and publish places of interest, accommodations and more.

The latest addition to are reviews of places 2 stay, place 2 eat and just places. The website set in Travel Blog format already has had more than 70,000 reads and looks to hit 100,000 with this latest addition to the website.

"We don't just use the same criteria as everyone else uses" said founder Evan J. Andriopoulos, "We use a specific formula where we find different times of the year to stay & walk the local area to get a real feel of what the "place" should be like to give that ultimate experience. Giving an ultimate experience does not mean "expensive" or "luxury" but the general overall experience and how the place of accommodation presents itself." said Andriopoulos. "For example a restaurant that everyone raves about…the media, your friends and family… then you go to try it and you leave feeling…kind of "is there anything else?"- said Andriopoulos. "A hotel that calls itself a Spa and when you get there it is actually a 1950s rundown motel with a 2 person jacuzzi. Now would you trust their plugs in local travel media or?" followed Andriopoulos.

The new reviews will give feedback based on:

*Compared to Advertised?

Criteria for places of interest and dining vary but this framework gives you an idea. All are rated on a 1-5 scale with a total given at the end. 30 is best.

Readers are asked to comment and give their feedback based on their impressions and ours. This interactivity has always been a staple of the website. is a travel site set up in a blog fashion offering user interactivity as well as tips on well known and not so well known places along the New England Coast. "While there are so many sites out there offering information on "stuff" you already know we decided to offer information on side streets and backroads, little cafes and places of interest that are well worth the trip" said Andriopoulos. "I come from New England and have spent years traveling along the side streets and backroads and wanted to share some of these with the reader" followed an energetic Andriopoulos.

The New England Coast web site can be visited by going to