‘Tis the Season for Pleasin’: MinkgLove Puts a Rocket-In-Fur-Pocket

Rocklin, California   November 23, 2006   Lifestyle News
(PRLEAP.COM) Rocklin, CA, November 23, 2006

The Latest and Greatest Buzz: Rocket in Fur Pocket

Prepare to blast off as MinkgLove.com launches its new Rocket-In-Fur-Pocket Collection. Massage has never felt so intense as a soft and silky vibrating massage. Slip the rocket inside your fur massage glove for that added oomph.

Holiday Gifts

Be Secret Santa while she anticipates your next present. Let her wear a Fur Eye Mask in silky Mink or velvety Rex Rabbit to bring a little extra mystery to gift giving.

Celebrate the Festival of Full Fur with a plush glove tailored outside with Fox, silky Mink, or plush Rex Rabbit and inside with velvety soft Rex Rabbit.

Looking for that sumptuous gift she can show off? Wrap her up warmly in an elegant cashmere Fox shawl or accent her gorgeous décolletage with a Mink choker. When the weather outside is frightful, snuggle up to a Chinchilla Pillow and your winter will become truly delightful.

'Tis the Season for Pleasin' and MinkgLove.com makes it easy to spread holiday cheer this Christmas, Chanukah, and Kwanzaa.

Fur Massage – An Unmatched Sensory Experience

Anything that can be done with your hands feels even more incredible when using a Fur Glove. While traditional massage requires strong tissue rubs and technical expertise, Fur Massage stirs the imagination and highlights the erotic nature of touch. Massage with fur won’t tire you out and doesn’t require strength and stamina but instead celebrates the natural senses. Release tension and stress while enjoying your partner’s response to your touch. For detailed information on Sensual Fur Massage, visit http://www.minkglove.com/store/information.php?info_id=71.

Studies show that fur massage leaves the skin glowing and rejuvenated with energy. MinkgLove.com customers include massage therapists, Tantra counsellors, and holistic spas that use Fur Massage Gloves to melt away tension and stress. For those interested in a little sensual playtime with fun, make your next gift an unexpected surprise by visiting MinkgLove.com.

About MinkgLove.com

The founders of MinkgLove.com came up with the idea out of necessity. Inspired by a James Bond movie where 007 massages one of his lovely ladies into rapture with a mink glove, they wanted to buy one and have a little fun too. To their surprise, they couldn’t find any fur gloves for sale. So they took the plunge, designed a few mink gloves and gave one to a friend for a wedding gift. It was a smashing success. Friends and then friends of friends started requesting gloves in Mink, Chinchilla, Fox, Coyote, Rex Rabbit, Sable and – voila! – MinkgLove.com was born. Kinky? Perhaps. Sensual, Romantic and Erotic? Definitely!

MinkgLove.com specializes in luxury romance goods made of the finest fur for the discerning customer. The company strictly controls all design and manufacturing to offer only the highest quality products, with each fur selected for top grade and all fur items are handmade.

“Our company takes Animal Welfare seriously. None of our furs are listed under CITES. We tailor products from furs from ranched animals with small and minor optical flaws leftover from the fashion industry or are bi-products of the food industry which would otherwise have been discarded. Our tailors craft each item so that any optical flaws are hidden,” says Cécile Horne. MinkgLove.com is the ultimate gift for open-minded people who want to improve and explore their love lives. Sexy Fur Massage Gloves are available in single or double sided fur and retail from $69-$329. Luxurious fur accessories retail from $39 to $1,299.

MinkgLove.com company and products have been featured in Cosmopolitan, The Los Angeles Times, Penthouse Magazine, AskMen.com, Gizmodo, The Washington Post Express, Talkies Magazine, Sunday Morning Post, Miami Herald, Janes Guide, Sun Sentinel, Shiny Shiny, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Techie Diva, Nashua Telegraph, Computing Unplugged, Pi Magazine The Lifestyle Bible, Ta Kung Pao Newspaper, Ming Pao Newspaper, engadget, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Orlando Sentinel, and Luxist.

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