“Lex Luthor” Presents “Father Felony” Businessman to make blog history

Houston, Texas   December 01, 2006   Business News
Houston,Tx - On Friday December 1, 2006 at 11:00 PM ET, Web history will be made. For the first time ever a blogging simulcast will be attempted.

The simulcast, which is akin to a “blogger press conference” and can be found at http://takingoverthewebonecityatatime.blogspot.com, has been created by Edmond McGuyer, founder of ShopFromHomepage.com and David Amerland, CEO of Amerland Enterprises UK. The goal is to create a more interactive blogging experience for bloggers and readers.

According to McGuyer, “It is our hope that several thousand bloggers will watch at least part of the feature. We have no idea where this will go in the Blogosphere. We aren’t trying to change the internet, we are just using its Web 2.0 functionality to make it a little more entertaining.”

McGuyer will welcome Father Randall Radic, AKA “Father Felony”, as the special guest of the simulcast. Bloggers and readers who are logged on will have the opportunity to interact with Radic, the infamous Northern California pastor who earlier this year pled guilty to felony grand theft by embezzlement as part of a deal with prosecutors instead of standing trial for selling his church without the congregation's knowledge.

The catalyst for the idea was the result of an interview with www.DrBlogstein.com, one of the most revered bloggers currently in the Blogosphere. According to McGuyer, “Dr. Blogstein, made reference to the character of Lex Luthor when discussing my business plan of ShopFromHomepage.com, and after several days it just began to have a life of its own. Now the Lex character has his own website and has become an inadvertant spokesperson for my brand”

In today’s business climate, many experts and consultants have suggested to both existing and especially new companies that the use of a blog is highly recommended. Blogs provide a medium for the public to offer comments and interact easily with a company. Blogs have become almost as important as the use of a website and are a great tool in assisting with search engine ranking according to David Amerland.

Taking Over The Web One Day At A Time was created as another form of communication and identification for the public to interact with McGuyer’s company which has set new standards of accessibility and championing the cause of the individual. Reaction to it has been favorable and success has been aided by the fortuitous timing of the release of Superman Returns and the popularty of the Lex Luthor character .

The discussions are planned to be family oriented and all comments will be monitored prior to release.

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