Applewood Acres Gardening & Lawn Care: Winning Clients Over One At A Time

April 03, 2005   Lifestyle News
(PRLEAP.COM) Toronto, Canada - Richard Brzakala, Owner of Applewood Acres Gardening and Lawn Care recently discussed the benefits of organic gardening and lawn care and how his company is quickly gaining market share in the highly competitive and tight market places of Toronto and Mississauga.

Brzakala states that “our Mississauga and Toronto lawn care clients respect us for our environmental beliefs and appreciate the attention and follow up we give them in respect to our servicing arrangements. As well many clients are drawn to us because we practice what we promote in the way of organic gardening and lawn care.

Our lawn care service clients are found in some of Toronto’s older fashionable neighbourhoods that now house newer families such as Swansea, Sunnylea, Applewood Acres, Port Credit, Lorne Park, southern Etobicoke and South Kingsway where Applewood is concentrating its marketing efforts this season.

On discussing the early stages of client contact Brzakala describes it as follows:

“When we are first approached by a client, we listen to what they really want. Unlike other companies that automatically pitch their sales lines and promise the sky, we take the time to listen and answer a clients questions directly and honestly. We believe that we don’t need to disguise what we do and how we do it.”

On the topic of honesty, Brzakala likes to muse that “our company spreads manure and compost only over a clients lawn when we are fertilizing it, and never over the phone or in a far-fetched misleading sales pitch!”

“What we have found exciting in building up our client base, is the interest people have in wanting to know what other alternatives there are out there in terms of organic gardening and lawn care”, says Brzakala.

Brzakala goes on to say that “Applewood has proven to be one of only a few who can truly deliver on a clients “organic” and “natural” gardening expectations. People really do want to hear that there is an inexpensive and safe way to fertilize a lawn or stimulate a garden. That’s why they turn to Applewood Acres.”

On the issue of environmentalism Brzakala states that, “I think that society in general has had enough with lawn care companies that are no different then chemical companies. People are tired of misrepresentation in advertising and lawn care companies that falsely mislead the consumer by pretending to be truly organic.”

Many pesticide companies front themselves as fertilizing companies that use “organically based” fertilizers. What these companies are really saying is that 99% of their product is still chemically based (with toxic carcinogenic additives) but because there is the presence of water they can get away with advertising their products as “organically based”. Many of these companies need to stay in business, so they twist or misrepresent themselves to cleverly get around certain regulations. And if the consumer doesn’t really probe or know the difference, they end up being taken advantage of by unscrupulous service providers.

Brzakala says that he knows of two companies in Western Toronto who have “cleverly changed their marketing strategy and continually misrepresent themselves with “‘natural” or “organically based” products, when all along they continue to use the same toxic sprays they have used for years.”
“Consumer’s need to do their homework about the company that services them, and exactly what they use in their maintenance programs. Otherwise they will continue to run the risk of having themselves and their families and pets further exposed to carcinogenic elements in their daily lives. So that when it comes to their properties, places where there children play, or pets roam, consumers need to exercise greater care in who they hire. That’s why they turn to our company, one that practices organic gardening and lawn care. A company that does not use poisons or toxins to stimulate growth”.

Brzakala goes on to say that “most people are tired of having to live in a toxic chemical soup bowl and don’t mind having to spend a little more money if it means that their kids can run across a lawn barefoot without having to worry that 2 years from now they might develop tumours”.

Brzakala applauds the municipalities across North America that have taken initiative and are waking up to the dangers of pesticide use and environmental contamination and banning toxic pesticides from being used in residential communities.

“Many clients are drawn to us by our advertising efforts promoting our traditional methods and use of natural and organic elements in gardening and lawn care” says Brzakala.

Being the owner of a gardening and lawn care company that espouses the virtues of traditional and environmentally friendly lawn care techniques is not always easy. Brzakala admits that not every potential client is won over by their service packages. “There will always be people who can’t wait for mother nature to help out with grub-control ( he is referring to Applewood’s use of ‘beneficial nematodes’ or mircoscopic worms that prey on grubs) and want as much pesticide dumped on their lawn as is legally possible to kill everything and anything in order for them to have that perfect green space. That, I think, is unrealistic and dangerous.”

So how does Applewood handle the impatient, indifferent potential client who call’s and may disagree?

“If a potential client disagrees with organic gardening, and wants us to use pesticides to eradicate their dandelions, we politely explain that we don’t use pesticides, but do provide a service that is in most cases less costly, just as effective and in the long run less stressful on the environment and perhaps just as important …leaves everyone at the end of the day with a clear conscience. Its difficult sometimes, but you can change someone’s mind in a 2 minute phone conversation…it does happen, and it becomes easier and quicker when you start pointing out the risks associated with most commonly used pesticides and fertilizers,” says Brzakala.

“ Many lawn care companies try to be all things to all clients and unfortunately in doing so, many of them undermine their maintenance arrangements of how they service their clients. Many times clients don’t even know what is being sprayed or pumped onto their property. We try to educate our clients, says Brzakala, and get them to be interested by stressing that ,we do not use artificial chemicals or toxic substances, We guarantee it !”

“Because of our business approach, environmental methodology and extremely competitive pricing, our clients enjoy working with us. Many clients in fact refer us to other’s….that type of advertising”, says Brzakala, ”is priceless, because it is value based and builds client loyalty”.

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