Reincarnation Takes on Catholism in New Fiction Work

January 26, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Monroe, MI – Florida author Linda Lewis is no stranger to fiction writing. Her ‘Linda’ series of 11 young adult novels, published by Simon & Schuster, in the 1980’s and 90’s remain favorites with readers even today. But as for her latest release due out April 15th, ‘The Road Back To Heaven’ from publisher Baycrest Books, it’s anything but child’s play.

In this adult, new age fiction tale Lewis weaves an adventure story about a secret scroll found hidden in the Vatican. The spiritual message it reveals has the potential to shake the foundations of organized religion, by proving the existence of reincarnation.

But why choose a small house for publication? As Lewis explains, “The material in this new book can be quite controversial, but Baycrest Books was willing to risk stepping on some toes by publishing it. Plus, they were willing to give it the personalized care and attention a book like this needs.”

This story grew from a chance meeting that Lewis had with an old friend who was taking classes with the late Merwyn Bernstein, a teacher of psychic phenomena. Bernstein wanted to see a book incorporating some of the messages that had come through over the years he spent hypnotizing people and performing past-life regressions, but he wasn’t getting anywhere with writing one of his own.

Lewis adds, “The friend got us together. I had many talks with Merwyn about the techniques of past-life regression, as well as the spiritual information and philosophies that arose from it. From that point, I incorporated these ideas into the book, as well as teachings from other spiritual masters, and The Road Back to Heaven was born.”

Although the plot itself takes twists and turns, weaving in a surprise ending while incorporating important spiritual messages and teachings, that wasn’t Lewis’s main goal in writing the novel.

“I wanted a captivating story, yes. But in the larger sense I want readers to realize that there is more to life than the world we see through our senses, and to open their minds to the possibilities that exist on different levels. While on earth, we all face challenges, suffering and tragedies, and the struggle to deal with them may seem overwhelming and unfair at times. The messages of the scroll in this story, offers an understanding of the laws of cause and effect that govern the universe, a broader perspective of the meaning of life and a freedom from fear of death. Although it’s a fiction work, perhaps by reading this book people can find comfort and hope, even in times of extreme difficulty, and make it easier to make progress on the long journey that is the road back to heaven.”

As for her immediate future Lewis says she’d like to continue writing books of dealing with spiritual topics, passing on a few things she’s learned over the years from mentors like Bernstein and others.

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