The Lenz Films, Inc. announces a new studio and several feature films to the 2007 production slate.

Northridge, California   January 30, 2007   Entertainment News
(PRLEAP.COM) For several years the rise of independent films has pushed new talent and names onto the silver screen and in the homes of millions. This year a new California incorporated company The Lenz Films, Inc. announced that that they have opened a new studio in Northridge California and has added several films to the 2007 production slate. With the newest of the films being a suspense-thiller movie called Foreign Policy.

The cast will include a six-time world Champion in martial arts Michel Laurin, as well as some famous Filipino actors and performers. Tey Punsalan has been cast opposite Michel in the movie as his wife. She is currently on tour across the United States and also a part of the USO Tour. Other Filipino actors include the Basco brothers. “We decided to cast the whole group of them for the movie, Dante Basco and his brothers have appeared in several movies together one of the most famous movie being “Hook”. The movie about Peter Pan. This will be the first time that all the Basco brothers will be in a film together, and we are proud to be able to give them such an opportunity. Right now we are in negotiation with Lou Diamond Philip and David Carradine for the part of Ninong. “ Said producer John Rogers who is the president The Lenz Films, Inc. Along with the stars of the cast Bob Wall announced that he will be a part of our movie, some remember him best for his acting in “Enter the Dragon.”

The future of independent movies is on the rise. The smaller independent producers like John Rogers have the upper hand and are able to keep creative control over their projects by remaining independent. As a new production company The Lenz Films, Inc. also found a new way to entice private investors into the realm of filmmaking. “For years movies have always demanded big budgets, I found that with the new technologies you can produce and deliver a great looking film that people are not afraid to invest in because of over inflated budgets. New technologies can offer movie making at some what of an affordable level and has opened the doors to a new investors who normally would not have been able to do so.” Said Mr. Rogers while working on the budget of Foreign Policy.

Keep an eye out in the future for The Lenz Films, Inc. that plans to produce and shelve a total of seven films alone this year.

JJ Rogers
The Lenz Films, Inc.
18401 Eddy Street #2
Northridge, CA. 91325