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Houston, Texas   February 01, 2007   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) Lex Luthor’s Radio Spot invites journalist, author and former editorial director of Cool Publications, David Amerland, to shed some light on some of the shadiest practices of the publishing industry.

“Publishing used to be a fun business as well as big business,” says David, “In the 21st century it has become so much bottom-line driven that it has taken a step towards the fixing of publishing to the detriment of authors and the closest you’d get to a cartel.”

Lex Luthor’s interest in striking a blow for the “common man” against big interests has been well-documented. His show is supported by – a company designed to empower the small business person against the struggle against the big bucks of larger, better-funded corporations. Shedding light in the behind the scenes workings of the publishing industry is the next natural step.

“Publishing is a little arcane,” says Lex, “which is why we’ve brought on David Amerland who has seen it work from both sides of the divide and has a track record in the industry which goes back over 15 years. The insights he has to give will be invaluable and will hopefully help you find a way to get your manuscript published.”

The show promises to demystify a subject most people find too complicated to understand and shed light upon the industry as a whole and the processes that drive it. “I will be putting David on the hot seat, asking difficult questions and getting some real answers,” confirms Lex Luthor.

With more and more people looking to bring the book inside them out into the open Lex Luthor’s look at the publishing industry looks set to live up to the host’s reputation for stirring things up.

Be there when it airs this Friday, February 2, 11:00PM EST. Call: (646) 915-9622 and make your views known and be part of the changing nature of Radio on the internet.

Notes to Editors: Lex Luthor’s Blogspot Radio is made possible thanks to the sponsorship of – by far the most cost-effective way to get advertising on the net. David Amerland is a journalist, published author and has been editorial director of the UK’s premier online publisher, Cool Publications. He has spent the last fifteen years being active on both sides of the publishing divide and has been instrumental in shaping online publishing in the UK.

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