WCCL Releases 'Motivator' Software In The Free Public Domain

February 02, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Durham, UK, February 2, 2007 - White Cliff Computing Ltd has announced the release of a powerful self-development product, christened 'Motivator' software, in the free public domain. The product promises to take the user closer to their goal of forming specific good habits through repeated reminders, as long as they are working before their computer.

The psychological basis behind the design of this software, according to its creator, Dr. Michael Masterman, is that a message that keeps appearing again and again on one single aspect of one's life tends to entrench itself in the subconscious mind, ultimately to manifest itself as a habit after some time. This is essentially an extension of Dr. Emile Coué's very-popular auto-suggestion technique, but takes advantage of the ubiquituous desktop that is now omnipresent. Instead of the individual "having to remember" to repeat a suggestion to themselves, this software does this job for them, by issuing reminders to the individual while they are busy on their computer.

The software is freely downloadable from this site -

The software is fully configurable. It may be auto-loaded when windows boots up. The user may enter messages pertaining to one single habit, say, "Accepting myself as I am", "Relax and Destress", "Thinking positive thoughts", "Sitting upright while working", and the like.

According to Dr. Masterman, "The Motivator software works on the principle of 'programmed rehearsal'. Anything that one does repeatedly over a period of time, becomes a part of one's habit portfolio. Whether it is bad-mouthing, or getting up early in the morning to go to the gym. Ironically, bad habits develop with very little effort. Good habits need to be consciously and deliberately inculcated. It is here that this software comes in handy, by repeatedly reminding you of the good habit that you have decided to work upon. And before long, this repetition gets included in your lifestyle."

Dr. Masterman further adds - "By releasing this powerful software in the free public domain, we hope to make our own contribution to the self-development efforts of every individual."

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