Applewood Acres Gardening Highlights Organic Lawn Care Strategy & Risks Associated With Pesticide Use

February 18, 2007   Lifestyle News
(PRLEAP.COM) PRESS MEDIA RELEASE- MISSISSAUGA, Canada – Many homeowners realize that their lawns are the most visible and important landscape area surrounding their residential properties. Richard Brzakala, owner of Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping states that “unfortunately many consumers have unwittingly been tricked by chemical companies such as Weedman, Chemlawn and Mr.Green into believing that they cannot attain a beautiful pest free lawn without the use of artificial chemical pesticide and fertilizing substances”.

Brzakala is a strong advocate for a pesticide free Toronto and a supporter of recent bylaws aimed at the elimination and reduction of toxic pesticide use in municipalities across Canada and the United States. “Many of the substances these chemical companies are using and pushing on consumers are highly toxic to the environment, killing in many instances not just the pest’s but also many organic and beneficial micro-organisms in the soil”, says Brzakala. “Exposure to these toxins, even at small amounts, can have drastic consequences on the health of young children” says Brzakala. This is where things differ with a company like Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping.

Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping (Applewood) does not support the use and or application of any form of artificial and/or chemical substance(s) that may be, or is suspected, of causing health risks to humans, animals, or the environment. “Our clients are attracted to us because of our environmental stand and commitment to being a chemical free organic company. Those who retain us, truly care about wanting to make a difference in their communities”, says Brzakala.

“Applewood’s organic strategy is simple”, says Brzakala. “We believe in practising responsible horticultural. This requires that we gain a thorough understanding of our clients garden and lawn area, and that ‘feeding and replenishing the soil is more important then applying so called ‘green solutions’ that simply feed the plant and not truly solve many lawn problems.”

Brzakala was willing to share an outline of Applewood’s organic lawn care strategy. “Initially we are focused many times on the root of the problem.. the soil” says Brzakala. “By delivering organic and natural fertilizers to the soil, along with the following practices, Applewood believes we can ensure a sustainable and safer green space for our clients, their children and their neighbours, says Brzakala.

Applewood promotes the use of high nitrogen organic cow, sheep, worm compost/manure to be spread granularly or through watering to ensure a dark soil base which will serve to generate micro-organisms such as beneficial worms and ultimately benefit the entire turf green space.

Plant pest-resistant grass. Contact Applewood to learn the best local varieties. Two or more types are preferable.

We recommend client use our seeding service to over seed with hardy grass strains which in turn promote hardy and thicker growth while choking out and reducing unwanted weeds.

Applewood performs lawn aeration at least once a year for most clients. Aerating, which removes plugs of soil, allows water, air and nutrients to reach grass roots.

De thatch and remove patchy clumps of dead grass which can ‘suffocate’ healthy grass and promote unwanted moldy grass build-up. If 1/2 inch thick or more, thatch becomes home for grass roots, which will be susceptible to insects and disease. Applewood reduces thatch by either aerating, adding organic matter or deep raking once a year.

Proper soil pH. Applewood will perform seasonal soil samples which may indicate clues of pH imbalance and poor soil quality. e.g.dandelions like a higher pH than grass. Lime and sulphur can be used to adjust pH.

Fertilize once a year, usually in fall, using Applewood’s formulation of a slow-release organic solution.

Applewood recommends clients water their lawns and garden spaces properly — not too much or too little — to avoid pest outbreaks. We recommend enough to wet the grass root zone. The soil should be nearly dry between waterings. Short, frequent sprinkling promotes shallow roots.

Have your lawn mowed professionally by Applewood. We don't cut more than one-third of the grass blade in a single mowing, and leave a light layer of clipping to boost lawn nutrients. Applewood triues to vary mowing patterns to avoid soil compaction by wheels.

For anyone wanting more information on Applewood’s Organic Lawn Care practices or services, please contact them at or visit their excellent website at

About Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping ( Applewood Property Management)
Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping (Applewood Property Management) OR “Applewood” is located in Mississauga, Ontario. Applewood is comprised of professionals with over twenty years of experience focusing primarily on residential and small to medium sized commercial corporate projects offering property management, residential and commercial repair services and a full suite of landscaping, organic and natural lawn care and gardening services. Applewood is a privately owned business, that has in the past volunteered its services and offered generous financial assistance and support to a number of environmentally conscious organizations and social charitable organizations. Most recently, Applewood has contributed financial assistance to the High Park Initiatives Fund donated its services and workers to onsite building projects for Habitat For Humanity as well as local community organizations and schools. For more information on Applewood and its services please visit their website or email Applewood at

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