February 25, 2007   Lifestyle News
(PRLEAP.COM) TORONTO,MISSISSAUGA- Richard Brzakala, owner of Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping, Toronto's best organic gardening and lawn care company recently shared his company's reason's why Applewood does not use harmful chemical pesticides in their practices.

The following are some simple facts around pesticides and the risks that are associated with pesticides use.

Almost a billion pounds of conventional pesticides are used in North America every year. The enormous quantity would have decreased if pesticide use was truly solving pest problems.

Pesticides are hazardous to human health. Every year enormous quantities of pesticides known to cause significant health problems are used in the US and Canada

Pesticides cause a wide variety of health problems with the range of adverse health effects includes acute and persistent injury to the nervous system, lung damage, injury to reproductive organs, dysfunction of immune and hormone systems, birth defects and cancer.

Pesticides that damage human health are used in huge amounts. 27 of the most commonly used pesticides, sold at many commercial retail outlets such as Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Rona, fifteen of these have been classifieds carcinogens by the US EPA and their total use every year in north America is a staggering 300 million pounds.

Pesticides cause special problems for children. Because of their size, they consume more food and drink then an adult and both of these can be contaminated with pesticides. They play in ways that increase their exposure e.g. roll around on grass lawns, wipe grass and plant residue onto their bodies and into their mouths. Also their growing bodies can make them extremely sensitive to the chemicals that are in many of these toxic pesticides.

Children should not be exposed to pesticides because their internal organs are still developing and maturing.

Pesticides often contaminate food. The widespread use of pesticides in agriculture means that pesticides are frequently found on a variety of common foods.

Pesticides are hazardous to pets. Pet poisonings occur frequently, and exposure to lawn care pesticides is associated with a higher risk of cancer in dogs.

Pesticides contaminate water and air.

Pesticides are hazardous to fish and birds. Enormous quantities of pesticides run off from residential lawns, gold courses, parks, farmlands, into stream and rivers, polluting lakes and rivers and drinking water people use every day.

Pesticides are immensely profitable for the corporations who manufacture them, yet these corporations conduct or sponsor the tests used to determine their safety.

World wide sales of commercially used pesticides reaches approximately $30 billion. The potential for immense profits creates a conflict of interest because regulatory system requires pesticide manufacturers themselves to provide the data showing that their product does not have unreasonable adverse effects on the environment.

The resulting flaw in the regulatory system is that there is a lack of independence in terms of health and safety testing of most pesticides and knowledge of their hazards.

About Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping Applewood:

Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping (“Applewood”) is the parent business group which owns Applewood Property Management and Applewood Stoneworks and is located in Mississauga, Ontario. Applewood is comprised of professionals with over twenty years of experience focusing primarily on residential and small to medium sized commercial corporate projects offering property management, residential and commercial repair services. Applewood is best known as a leader in organic and natural lawn care and organic gardening services. Applewood is a strong advocate for organic gardening and has lobbied governments and municipal governing bodies and regulatory agencies in North America for the elimination and banning of all harmful chemical pesticides. Applewood is privately owned and is a strong supporter of various environmentally conscious organizations and socially responsible charitable organizations such as the International Red Cross, Habitat For Humanity.

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