New Judges in Texas Mean New Approach to Family Law

March 30, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
March 30, 2007 - On January 1, 2007, 2 new judges took the bench including John R. Roach, Jr., who will handle only civil and family law cases. “When you go through a divorce, the judge to whom your case is assigned determines how the divorce will be handled. We know how to help clients best position themselves to be the parent with primary custody because we are familiar with the philosophy of the Collin County judges,” says Sharon Easley, partner at the Easley and Marquis Law Firm (

Easley, who ran against Roach last year for 296th District Court Judge, has a long history of experience with Texas family law. Her law firm will celebrate its 10th anniversary in October of this year. “When judges are new to the bench, it’s helpful to have lawyers practice in front of them who are very educated in family law because they often rely on lawyers who are well educated in a particular area of expertise to help them make decisions,” explains Easley.

Family law practice in Texas is considered fairly complicated because of the state’s community property issues. “We are extremely well versed in the issue of community property just as any top law firm in Texas must be, but our main focus is on the family. Although people get divorced and may no longer continue to live under the same roof, they are still a family and preserving the restructured family unit is one of our highest priorities,” says Easley.

Easley and Marquis is an all female law firm with a reputation for being very aggressive on child custody issues for both men and women, while remaining sensitive at all times to the child’s best interests. “Many times, a parent who may not want split custody seeks it anyway because they believe this means they won’t need to pay child support. In these situations, we educate both parties about the realities of life after divorce to eliminate any ulterior motives and to ensure that children are in the best environment,” Easley says.

Though she says many people assume that an all female law firm is biased toward fighting for the mother’s custody, Easley points out that the Firm represents both men and women. “We represent a lot of fathers who are seeking primary. There was a time when the mother would get custody no matter what kind of mother she was, but now fathers are more involved than they once were. We are very zealous in the advocacy of our client, regardless of gender.”

With a growing population and with it, a growing number of family law cases, more changes are in the works for family law in Collin County. The Legislature is considering creating another district court that will handle only civil and family law cases. Easley plans to run for this position and will begin campaigning as soon as legally possible.

About Easley and Marquis: Easley and Marquis ( is an all female law firm that specializes in the areas of family law and related custody and support issues, business litigation, and estate planning, probate and guardianship.