Shvoong Announces an Academic Revolution with Shvoong Homework

April 17, 2007   Technology News
(PRLEAP.COM) Shvoong Holdings, owner of multilingual summaries site, has launched a new site. Shvoong Homework is a Web 2.0 interactive website, educational tool, and community that is poised to change the academic experience forever. Many Web 2.0 websites offer users the ability to share things like photos, videos, and stories with the entire world. Now comes Shvoong Homework which lets students of all ages share class notes and homework. Students have the option to share class material with individual classmates, the entire class, or the general public. In doing so, students help fellow students and benefit from each others’ knowledge.

With Homework, students will learn the importance of creating content over simply consuming it. “As more and more schools become fully computerized, Shvoong is positioning itself to be an indispensible part of every student’s daily web usage”, says Shvoong’s CEO Eyal Rivlin. He adds “Homework has many benefits to students and we encourage them to use it”. Homework will be a student’s virtual schoolbag and eliminate the need for paper notebooks.

Those benefits are clear to see when using the user-friendly and stylistic site. No more losing notebooks… the students’ class materials will be organized and available through a personal web page. No more forgetting about exams and assignments as a personal timetable of class schedule alerts students of approaching dates. Class materials are available online at all times – a student is sick and missed a class? Catch up by reading fellow classmates’ summaries and homework assignments. In addition, many new features will be added in the coming months as Homework transitions out of its current beta version. So let the academic revolution begin!

Shvoong Holdings’ flagship site,, is a world-wide center for summaries and abstracts, offering a wide variety of content in 34 different languages.’s goal is to summarize all that has been written throughout human history in the areas of literature, humanities, pop culture, and academic research, thus providing readers with the essence of human knowledge. The content on is written by users, citizens of the world, who not only enjoy sharing their knowledge with everyone, but also earn royalties for their work. Shvoong Homework is a new educational tool from Shvoong Holdings and another step towards making the essence of human knowledge accessible to all.