TheraVitae's adult stem cell patient testified before Congressional hearing about his adult stem cell experience.

April 18, 2007   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) BANGKOK, Thailand, April 19, 2007 — Dave Foege from Naples, Florida was one of more than 20 desperate "End Stage" patients, out of the 200 patients treated with VesCell in total as of March 2007 (including 24 patients in the clinical trial reported last year to the American Heart Association). He testified before Congressional hearing in April.

Only five weeks after his adult stem cell therapy by Theravitae using VesCell, Dave was having measurable improvements. At the ten week mark he went to Washington to testify on adult stem cells. And this was in the wheelchair he had lived in since his stroke! The sickest TheraVitae patient Dr. Kit ever treated had his six-month checkup, and his home doctor told him his ejection fraction had more than doubled! This doctor was quite a skeptic prior to these results.

The following letter by Dave Foege was read into the Congressional Record by Senator Grassley on the floor of the U.S. Senate yesterday, April 10, 2007 during the stem cell debate.

Dear Senator,

I am one of 7 people in the world who have experienced 2 stem cell therapies!
Susan and I have just returned from Bangkok, Thailand, After 45 days of adult stem cell cardiac treatment and rehabilitation. The absolute cutting edge of technology, the utilization of my own stem cells reinjected into my heart, allowed the reshaping and a re-functioning of my heart from a life-threatening situation to a nearly normal heart function today.
Following my stem cells last year I went from a life expectancy of one day to 90 days to at least one year. The second stem cell treatment has jumpstarted me into the range of normal function. I can reasonably expect a normal life expectancy, which is approximately 10 to 15 more years. I can't tell you how great it is to the back in the greatest country in the world, The United States of America. They weather is fabulous here in Florida, and it is wonderful to sleep on my own soft bed.

I am in awe of the Creator, who amazingly engineered us to have our own warranty in our body's toolbox, with us at all times… our own stem cells! It does not check our politics, race, religion, or sex.

Some of the diseases in addition to heart diseases which can be treated in 2008-2009 are the following:

- Blindness macular degeneration
- Diabetes
- Stroke and Parkinson's disease
- Paralysis of any part of the body including back and/or legs
- Renal failure

If the cells are atrophied, the stem cells do not work.
Being one of the world's longest living renal transplant recipients of 23 years, I can't tell you how thrilled I am for others that they may not have to endure the hellish torture of a renal failure. This reasonable treatment is in the immediate future.
It is an absolutely wonderful time to be alive. The only letters, or designation, I would like to have behind my name is David Foege, Alive!
TheraVitae has the technology to soup-up our cells and differentiate them for maximum effectiveness. I would support embryonic cells but they have a 100% certain side effect of growing cancer tumors. Our own adult stem cells do not.
Best wishes and great health be with you.
This opens a revolutionary door of opportunity to improve the quality of life like it has for me and cut the spiraling cost of health care in the USA.
On my way to Costco without cane or wheel chair for 30 minute shopping walk,

I remain

Sincerely yours,

David Foege, Ph.D. And alive!

The speech accompanying this letter was read by Senator Grassley on the floor of the U.S. Senate April 10, 2007 during the stem cell debate.

According to Don Margolis, Founder of TheraVitae, the company which has saved more lives with adult stem cells than any company in the world: "Grassley's speech was the only speech on stem cells ever given by any American politician that honestly faced up to the real issues. Up to now I have said that none of the 535 members of congress, constantly spouting off drivel, know the difference between a stem cell and a jail cell. That number is now a mere 534. Grassley is a "Majority of One." Of course, the Washington Post's op-ed piece concentrated on the drivel of the 534 and said not a word about Grassley, something I've come to expect out of the Post."
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