Chicago Spirituality Offerings Start With Free Tuesday Night Kabbalah Class In Lakeview!

August 21, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
What is the “Secret” that Chicago residents and spiritual seekers are talking about after watching some of it online at

Well, it’s the free Tuesday night Chicago Kabbalah lectures that are taught by Meir Yeshurun at 8:00 p.m. in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. Located at 3113 N. Lincoln, 1 Block South of Belmont, the Chicago Kabbalah Centre offers a premiere learning environment for people of all denominations and faiths.

Taught by one of the world’s foremost experts on Kabbalah, Meir Yeshurun says that he “wants to change the world”. Before discovering Kabbalah, Meir pursued this goal by rising to power in politics and international business.

During the 1970’s, Meir worked in the upper echelons of the Israeli government in such influential posts as Assistant to the Israeli Finance Minister and Assistant to the Chief of Staff for Prime Minister Menachem Begin.

Frustrated by the machinations of the political system, Meir entered the private sector in the 80’s. For seven years, he worked successfully as the Vice President of an international trading firm. However, financial success didn’t answer the yearning in his heart: “How can I make a difference in the world”?

One night in 1986, by mere “coincidence,” Meir found the method for global change he’d been searching for. He attended a holiday retreat at The Kabbalah Centre in Israel, where he heard Kabbalist Rav Berg speak for the first time. What he heard that night would alter the course of the rest of his life.

Since becoming a full-time student in 1989, Meir has been one of the most valued teachers within The Kabbalah Centre. He has opened, managed, and/or taught in Kabbalah Centres in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Tiberias, Boca Raton,New york, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. Most recently, he and his wife, Osnat, and their two sons, have become the driving force behind the re-opening of the Chicago Kabbalah Centre.

Meir’s intellectual integrity, practical worldly experience and infectious passion for life, has so far been instrumental in his connection with students around the world. And it continues to be right here in the Windy City.

Please come join us for free every Tuesday night at 8.m. at Chicago Kabbalah Centre. 3113 N. Lincoln Avenue (1 Block South Of Belmontt).

For more information, please call 773-248-2622 or send an email to


Kabbalah, the world’s oldest body of spiritual wisdom, contains the long-hidden keys to the secrets of the universe as well as the keys to the mysteries of the human heart and soul. Kabbalistic teachings explain the complexities of the material and the nonmaterial universe, as well as the physical and metaphysical nature of all humanity. Kabbalah shows in detail, how to navigate that vast terrain in order to remove every form of chaos, pain, and suffering.

For thousands of years, the great kabbalistic sages have taught that every human being is born with the potential for greatness. Kabbalah is the means for activating that potential.

Kabbalah has always been meant to be used, not just learned. Its purpose is to bring clarity, understanding, and freedom to our lives — and ultimately to erase even death itself.

The Kabbalah Centre is a spiritual and educational organization dedicated to bringing the wisdom of Kabbalah to the world. The Centre itself has existed for more than 80 years, but its spiritual lineage extends even further — to Rav Isaac Luria, in the 16th century, and through Rav Luria to Rav Shimon Bar Yochai, who revealed the principal text of Kabbalah, the Zohar, more than 2000 years ago.

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