Retired Engineer Claims Proof That The Holy Bible is a Hoax

June 12, 2005   Lifestyle News
(PRLEAP.COM) Mr William Hunt, graduate scientist and engineer spent most of his post graduate free time researching the ancient world. He gave particular attention the the Egyptian pyramids hoping to discover how they were built by seemingly primitive people lacking the obvious heavy equipments and so on. His hope was to uncover an obscure scientific principle that would allow him to build a space ship engine. Perhaps it was his lack of formal training in Archaeology that led to the discovery.

Code cracking techniques were employed rather than the accepted method, using the Rosetta stone translation for reading the ancient Egyptian writings. In addition, he focused his attention on ancient science rather than culture and developed a catalog of ancient Egyptian as well as other ancient people's theories. The combination allowed him to read writings so far just mysteries to Egyptianologists. Out of the sands of Egypt the Bible stories of which there are two main along with some miniscule ones emerged in full bloom.

The customary method for proving literary hoaxes are that is the finding of the materials used by the boaxers. Mr Hunt is sure that is the case here and that the stories found reveal the Bible for what it is, a hoax. He has produced "home movies" documenting his find which is extensive. The Bible is a large book and even larger hoax.

In the interest of bringing about public awareness as well as breaking the strangle hold the evangelicals have on American society he has opened a web site, where all are free to visit at no cost or obligation. In his own words, "The evangelical strangle hold on America will not go unchallenged. They are dealing perverted sociology from a hoax document." He is calling for a renewal of the Decleration of Independence and the Gettysburg Address. All men are created equal and all men are entitled by natural law, the law of Nature's God to whatever eternal life and happiness She has seen fit to allow.

The material available at the web site is extensive and well beyond a single book on the subject. The story of how the find was made is itself subject matter for a best seller no doubt.

About Us: I am a retired engineer. My career was in computer technology at all levels dating back to the dawn of computing. I worked at top secret government facilities on projects that are still classified as well as the private commercial sector.

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