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Blacksburg, Virginia   September 10, 2007   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) September 2007, Blacksburg, VA — The ESS Technologies, Inc. Monoblock Powder Filler/Capper incorporates a Spee-Dee® brand servo-driven auger filler and touch screen controls to simplify powder filling in pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic test kit, and cosmetics applications. The dual pitch servo-driven MB 120 Filler/Capper offers filling speeds of up to 120 bottles per minute, while the single pitch mechanical MB 40 and MB 60 filler/cappers operate at 40 and 60 bottles per minute.

Product infeed options include gravity feed hoppers, belt conveyors, bucket conveyors, and vibratory feeders for free-flowing or non free-flowing powders. Bottles or vials reach the auger filler via a star wheel. With each fill signal, the drive accelerates to a chosen speed, turns a selected number of revolutions and decelerates to a gentle stop, resulting in a repeatable filling cycle each time. The outcome is increased filling accuracy, less giveaway of costly product, and a noticeably improved bottom line. Bottle caps are centrifugally fed to the bottle, pre-torqued, and tightened using a stainless steel magnetic clutch torque head.

The Spee-Dee control system with color touch screen will store preset programs for multiple production runs or products and maintain operational logs. ESS Technologies’ “balcony” design and quick changeover (less than 15-20 minutes) provide easy access and maintenance. The Monoblock Powder Filler/Capper has a stainless steel exterior and hard-anodized aluminum inner frame for ease of cleaning. All movable parts are protected with clear Lexan guarding, assuring safety during operation. Product options include check-weigh feedback, increased capacity hoppers, and a pre-torque and final torques closure. The Monoblock Powder Filler/Capper can be integrated into a complete packaging line that includes automatic cartoning, robotic case packing, and robotic palletizing, offering a complete end-to-end packaging solution for all powder filling applications.

About Spee-Dee
Spee-Dee® Packaging Machinery, Inc. is a premier quality manufacturer of equipment to measure and fill dry products in consumer size containers (bags, bottles, pouches, cans and cartons). Spee-Dee is the only company to supply both auger and volumetric fillers, and the only company that supplies servo drives for auger and cup fillers. Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery serves a global base of clients in diverse market segments, including the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Now in its third decade, the company boasts a star-studded client roster of industry giants and Fortune 500 companies. A history of innovative electrical and mechanical design and programming, coupled with advanced technology and unparalleled customer service, support Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery’s position as an industry leader.

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About ESS Technologies, Inc.
ESS Technologies, Inc., founded in 1993, specializes in complete packaging line design, equipment manufacturing, and integration. Our expertise includes filling/capping equipment, robotic palletizing systems, horizontal/vertical cartoners, case packing equipment, tube filling, overwrapping, custom designed solutions for medical device assembly and pharmaceutical packaging, and integrated robotics. Engineered for reliability and efficiency, ESS Technologies’ products offer you tomorrow’s packaging technology today.

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