Teed Off from the Criminalization of Hip Hop, the Hip Hop Celebrity Golf Challenge Tour Kicks-Off During the 2nd Annual BET Hip Hop Awards

Orlando, Florida   September 19, 2007   Entertainment News
(PRLEAP.COM) From Russell Simmons' Hip Hop Summit to Oprah's Town Hall Meeting there's been an international cry to change the criminalization of Hip Hop. Stepping to the mic is S.E. Day, Michael Jones, and Walter Briggs.

Marketing extraordinaires S.E. Day and Michael Jones co-founded the United States Black Golf Association (USBGA) in 2001. An answer for the growing participation of minorities in golf, the USBGA prides itself in continuing to pave the way for greater advancements and opportunities.

"Mastering the game of golf is not a simple task, but one that requires a sense of discipline and the ability to focus. Both are characteristics that are also integral to competing in the game of life. The USBGA has successfully fostered these principles through several initiatives that we have taken to further the participation of minorities in the game of golf," says the USBGA (re: http://www.usbga.com/). S.E. Day and Michael Jones fatefully partnered with Walter Briggs for the Hip Hop Celebrity Golf Challenge Tour in order to further fulfill their mission to apply the principles of golf to life and, in this case, Hip Hop life.

Former NY Jets quarterback and sportscaster for ESPN Radio, Walter Briggs of WB and Me LLC., has watched the demise of Hip Hop over the past years as an entertainment producer. "Enough is enough! It's time we take the debate further, adding the missing pieces. Most organizations provide a political or economic platform. The Hip Hop Celebrity Golf Challenge Tour represents a social platform and visibility for the 'entire' culture. Hip Hop is more than music, it's a movement…that doesn't exist without the Fashion, Technology, Media and more that provides inertia. This is a place where Executives, Journalists, and Producers of Hip Hop can mingle with mainstream Professionals, Power Brokers, and Government Officials under a sport noted for unifying people." Walter Briggs ends, "It's the etiquette of golf we aim to pass to our Artists and the code of our culture we'd like to share with the mainstream. I don't endorse the criminalization of some Artists, but Art does imitate Life. Hopefully we [Hip Hop and Society] can make a change together…during the Hip Hop Celebrity Golf Challenge Tour."

A Press Conference will be held for the Hip Hop Celebrity Golf Challenge Tour on September 21, 2007, 9am-11am, at the Stone Mountain Golf Resort (GA). From October 12-14, 2007 in Stone Mountain GA, the Hip Hop Celebrity Golf Challenge Tour will convene to enhance the representation of the Hip Hop culture. Please contact Qn. Everlena Brown (877) 96-PRESS for more information, investment, and sponsorship opportunities.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.hhcgc.com/
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