Jungle Boots: they were being advertised on London Underground so somebody made them

September 26, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
A small vegan shoe company in London has commissioned a new camouflage boot, on sale from the end of the week.
It looks identical to the ones on London's Imperial War Museum posters, known to anyone who uses London Underground. "They were advertising Jungle Boots so we thought we'd make some", says John Robertson of Veganline.com.

The boots follow a trend towards environmentally friendly and fairly-made footwear, being made at one of the few remaining UK boot factories and using no animal products. "These boots save the Jungle as well as looking like it", says John "do you think that sounds good? I only thought of it last night. But over farming is causing desertification and reduction of rain forests. A major cause of over-farming is the increased demand in the world for animal products. It takes many more acres to feed and clothe a meat-eating leather wearer than a vegetarian in canvas shoes, so we are doing our bit for the environment."

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