Book Buzz: Credo Italia launches two fear-eliminating novels to teens and adults on June 30, 2005.

June 22, 2005   Business News

Clint Adams
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Viareggio, Lucca, Italy Ė June 22, 2005 Ė Who wouldnít want to be fearless? Probably everyone, but most likely teens. FEAR AINíT ALL THAT and DONíT BE AFRAID OF HEAVEN are two teen novels written with a definite purpose: eliminating fear. On June 30, 2005, Credo Italia publishing will launch these two books with the help of Lightning Source UK digital printing and its U.S. distribution partners (Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and more) and international partners (Bertrams, Gardners, and others) to teen book-readers worldwide.

The summer will be focused on stocking inventory of these novels at bookstores/book retailers, predominantly throughout Europe and North America. The inauguration of FEAR AINíT ALL THAT and DONíT BE AFRAID OF HEAVEN will officially take place September 29-October 2 as Credo Italia exhibits them at the Göteborg Book Fair in Göteborg, Sweden. On the first day of the Fair (Thursday, Sept. 29), Clint Adams, author of both books will speak as a featured lecturer at the Svenska Mässan Exhibition Centre.

According to Clint, ďThe question I tend to be asked most is, ĎWhy did you choose to write about fear?í Well, in most Creative Writing 101 classes, you learn to write what you know. For most of my life I lived with fear; not panic attacks, not anxieties, not phobias but fear of change, fear of intimacy, fear of success, etc.óthis is all I knew, this is all Iíd been taught. In my opinion, fear isnít natural (not these anyway), we werenít born with themÖtheyíre all learned. My mission is to reach teens, helping them create futures without fear, before itís too late.Ē

ďAdolescents believe that Ďanythingís possible.í Why canít we all believe thisÖforever? Itís only fear that gets in the way. And now itís time to get over it,Ē says Clint.