John Lennon Chum Brulen & All-Stars Come Together to Break Rules

October 09, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
LOS ANGELES – John Lennon pal recording artist Brulen and a band of top-shelf musicians came together long ago to record an album what will be known as “Rules Made To Be Broken.”

The recording project, started in 1989, is in its final phase slated for a February 2008 release, as Brulen’s multiple professions have kept him totally occupied.

Perhaps even more interesting is Brulen’s stealth career as a counter-surveillance debugging specialist, snooping for prestigious clients by means of diligent attempts to locate concealed listening devices. Having worked 15 years for famous sleuth Hal Lipset, he has appeared as an expert on NBC Nightly News and in several news publications.

Brulen has broken a few rules, stating “Who says you can’t restart your musical career after fifty?” Even after every major label has turned him down, Brulen has broken the rules and self-prepared everything, manages himself, and designed all the art and web workings.

Known as Bruce Bierman, ‘Bru-Master’ and ‘Bru,’ his background ranges from being produced by former Beatle John Lennon, sound engineering for Jerry Garcia, ‘Grateful Dead’, ‘Journey’ and several other San Francisco based bands, to also being credited for the development of ‘hibernation technology,’ that which puts a computer to sleep, a feature contained within Microsoft Windows® since 1998.

The debugger and software developer is also a multi-faceted singer, songwriter, and musician who plays guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. Two tracks “Little Bird” and “Was It You?” features Brulen performing in entirety, arranging, recording and producing.

The CD also features performances by ‘Journey’ bass player Ross Valory and drummer Bill Gibson of ‘Huey Lewis and The News,’ among other notable guest appearances.

Recently, Brulen disclosed his association with the ex-Beatle and intended to perform and release songs they wrote together. That project has since been abandoned at the request of the John Lennon Estate, writing Bierman not to use any of Lennon’s music in his projects.

Preview the songs, the players, his extensive and colorful past and over one hundred photos on his new website, Visitors can post their own ‘rules made to be broken’ on that site’s “Rules Blog.” His John Lennon association is chronicled at

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