pop-jewelry.com initiates new product improvement campaign.

October 10, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Hong Kong based fashion jewelry drop shipper pop-jewelry.com, in order to enrich its product rang and feature, induces two characteristic series: butterfly series and crucifix series on October, 06, 2007.

Pop-jewlry.com steadily target at helping customer, whether in good finance condition or not, keep in vogue and gain beauty therefore confidence, while without causing significant harm to customers’ pocketbooks. Thus, following the worldwide free shipping policy issued, pop-jewelry acts on the other side: bring beauty to men and women.

This improvement results in two new jewelry series introduced: butterfly jewelry for women and crucifix necklace for men.

Choosing butterfly as decorative items because it is a beautiful animal and can offer wide creativity rang for designers, meanwhile, wings can give the structure movement, “see this one, named Fashion Jewelry Elegant Crystal Butterfly "White Gold" Finger Ring, doesn’t it looks like mistake the ring setting as flower and want to fly off?” as one sales staff in pop-jewelry.com said. The last, Butterfly signify life's stages, as it changes from caterpillars, to cocoons, till it bursts forth in all its butterfly splendor. Significant meaning is also there. More item details see

Women, traditionally play main roles on jewelry consumption market, but men follow the heel closely. Given that, pop-jewelry launches crucifix necklace, whose details can be get from

There is a will there is a way; every effort won’t get nothing. Whether pop-jewelry.com can embrace a new promising future, let’s time say.