Capacity of Wind Energy Installations to Reach 134.8 GW in 2010: Rocsearch Report

October 10, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
India, 10 October, 2007: RocSearch, a fast-growing, UK-based, business research and analytics firm, released a report analyzing the wind energy market and its evolution (Oct 2006).

The RocSearch report elaborates on the technology and mechanisms used in the wind energy trade. It further studies the five major markets and comparatively analyzes the competitive positioning of the major players.

The report begins with an overview of wind energy and the major technologies shaping the business and concludes with an evaluation of the growth potential of this industry.

The study describes the importance of wind energy as one of the best energy alternatives in terms of the cost-technology framework. It also throws light on the low reliability of this energy form as wind energy operates at very low plant load factors.

The analysis reveals that in 2005, the global wind markets grew by 40.5% compared to the previous year, generating about US$14 billion, in terms of new generating equipment. The market has mainly been driven by Germany, Spain, the US, India, and Denmark, with Europe obtaining the biggest share.

The cumulative capacity of wind energy installations will reach 134.8 GW in 2010, more than double the installed capacity in 2006, forecasts the repot.

About RocSearch

RocSearch is a fast-growing, UK-India based professional services firm providing research and analytics support services to Research and Consulting firms, Brand & Marketing Communication firms, Investment Advisory firms and Corporates. It provides business, market, financial and emerging markets research and analytics services with a focus on fact-based problem solving.

RocSearch helps support business development, client engagement, product development and thought leadership initiatives of clients globally. Its India-based knowledge centre is equipped with a growing analyst team capable of fulfilling dynamic custom research requirements and adapting to client-specific processes.

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