October 10, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News

A.P. Seedorff & Co., Inc. and ACME Electric Welder Company announce the launch of the resistance welding industryâs most complete website In addition to providing technical and support information for existing spot welding machinery, including their full line of press welders, ped. welders, seam welders, rocker arm welders, gun welders, inverter welders and special application machines, the site also offers resources to educate the resistance welding community in the science and application of tool and/or techniques available.

With its merger with ACME Electric Welder Company, Seedorff ACME Corp. brings over 100 years in combined resistance welding expertise to the industry. The Seedorff ACME Corporation continues to lead the industry in high quality and cost effective solutions for metal joining applications.

Seedorff ACME Corp. operations and corporate offices reside at 1338 N. Knollwood Circle in Anaheim, CA 92801. For information requests and additional company information please contact SEEDORFF ACME Corp. at 866-RES-WELD (737-9353) or 714-252-5330 outside of the United States.