Windward Instruments announces Product Realignment

October 10, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Windward Instruments has announced a major product realignment which will effect retail divisions and will be unaffected by the move.

Out is Weems & Plath, and JDC USA.

Windward Instruments has discontinued sales of all Weems & Plath products effective 8/31/07. The company will continue to assist it's W&P customers through the end of 2007 should problems arise.

JDC instruments have been discontinued due to notice from JDC that there was no longer a U S Distributor. JDC may be re-included pending a new U S Distributor.

In are Brunton, Kestrel, and Speedtech Instruments.

Windward Instruments is currently adding products from these three manufacturers to it's offerings via a combination of it's retail divisions and The new products are being added to the company's advertising now, and should be fully available by the end of October.

Specific products to be offered to customers include the popular Brunton binoculars including both Echo and Epoch lines.

Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters and Weather Trackers from the Kestrel 2500 model and up will become available soon. No decision has been made regarding Kestrel accessories. Kestrel models below the 2500 will not be offered.

Speedtech Instruments will be offered, including the SM 18 Skymate, and SM28 Skymaster. The portable "Edge" family of pocket weather computers and forecasters will also be available.

In addition to these instruments, Windward will begin pre-order sales of the new Speedtech "Windmate" instruments by mid-December, 2007. Windmate instruments are scheduled to be available for sale beginning in late December, 2007.

For more information, contact Windward Instruments.