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October 10, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
LAS VEGAS, NV — OCTOBER 10, 2007 Ė PodWorx, Inc. today announced the availability of their Four Pís of Podcasting® website, found at Developed to give those new to the podcasting world a leg up on the steps to plan, produce, publish and promote a business podcast, the Four Pís of Podcasting website offers a mini-course on how to successfully deploy a meaningful podcast.

"Analysis of major search engine search terms reveals increasing interest in learning how to create a podcast," says Scott Whitney, president of PodWorx, Inc, "We launched the Four Pís of Podcasting website to bring visitors quickly up to speed on the steps to creating a great podcast along with an opportunity to sample and purchase our Four Pís of Podcasting CD."

The website introduces the listener to the process PodWorx uses to help their customers understand how podcasting works. The associated CD features detailed discussions about how to Plan, Produce, Publish and Promote your business podcast.

Access to the website and all audio samples is free. Visitors who order the Four P's of Podcasting CD via the website will receive a 28% discount off the retail price.

About PodWorx, Inc.
PodWorx delivers business podcasting services by Giving Voice to Your Businessô. Using The Four P's of Podcasting® (Plan, Produce, Publish and Promote), PodWorx translates the day-to-day efforts of their clients into a compelling series of entertaining and educational shows that highlight the inherent drama found in every business. The company's Podcasting for Business podcast can be found at their corporate website:

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