A New Way to Learn How the Brain Works

October 10, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
NEWS RELEASE, October 10, 2007

A New Way to Learn How the Brain Works

Liberate professors and students from the boredom of traditional lectures. Too many lectures amount to little more than transferring a professor's notes to student notes. What a waste! Now comes a new kind of neuroscience textbook that could be the vanguard of a new genre for textbooks in general.

"Core Ideas in Neuroscience" (http://neurosciideas.com), a modular, hyperlinked e-book summarizes 75 core ideas in the form of a printable pdf file. But larger text and formatting features make it easy to read on-screen. Each idea is generally treated as a 3-5 page module in which the idea is succinctly stated and explained, with key terms defined. Then, a couple of examples are given, followed by contemporary and classic references. The book is written by Dr. W. R. Klemm, a neuroscientist with over 45 years of research and teaching experience in neuroscience. The book has 174 study questions, 96 figures, 545 references (including 306 citation classics), and 566 pages. It costs only $11.95; that's just 16 cents per idea.

The book is designed for students who are tired of textbooks that tell them more than they want to know and who are tired of spending over $100 for their neuroscience book. Benefits for students include: the important things are made explicit. Less material is easier to comprehend quickly and to remember. The book’s focus on ideas promotes active learning, critical thinking, insight and understanding.

Benefits for professors include: no need to worry about students missing the important information; the key concepts are succinctly presented in the book. Class time can be used for more engaging material, such as discussion and debate, clinical case studies, journal club, or design of new experiments.


Dr. W. R. Klemm
Professor of Neuroscience
4458 TAMU, Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-4458
Phone: 979-845-4201
Web: www.cvm.tamu.edu/wklemm
Book Web site: www.neurosciideas.com