World's First DO-254 Book Just Published: World's First RTCA/DO254 Book.

October 09, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) The world’s first, and only, DO-254 book has just been published. Titled "Avionics Certification: A Complete Guide to DO-178B & DO-254", this book is published by Avionics Communications Inc, a leading independent aerospace publisher. This DO-254 book derived from HighRely’s DO-254 training. It consists of all-publicly available information, but assembled in very readable, technical story-telling format. All RTCA/DO-254 information is well organized and intended to help avionics experts, or beginners, alike. The reader of this book will prepare for formal RTCA/DO-254 training or learn how to go-it-alone, and develop DO-254 hardware (firmware) quickly and productively.

This book is not a typical tutorial. The authors were luminaries in the avionics services business and owners of the world’s largest avionics services company. Between them, they had taught DO-178B/DO-254 to more students than all other trainers combined, over 7000 persons. Their wisdom provides valuable insights to bring your RTCA D0-254 training or project to a successful conclusion.

This DO-254 book is a bible or the avionics hardware and avionics firmware developers. This D0-254 book teaches how to perform DO-254 planning, DO-254 documentation, DO-254 Development, DO-254 Verification & Testing, and DO-254 Certification. DO-254 DERs have read this book and it incorporates their FAA DO-254 certification recommendations.