PhotoAssistant.Net - C1 Pro Digital workshops - November 3-4 2007

October 10, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
This is an intermediate to advanced workshop for Photographers, Assistants, Photo Students and new Digital Techs that have a solid understanding of MAC OS X, and a good working knowledge of photography. *You should have knowledge of medium format cameras (specifically the Mamiya RZ and Hasselblad
H1/H2 systems), studio strobes, flash meters, and color temperature.

A portion of the topics to be covered are as follows.
-the basics of how digital sensors work
-the origin of color management and why it is important in digital capture
-monitor calibration and profiling
-understanding moiré and how to minimize it
-understanding each piece of equipment necessary on a digital shoot
-setup and break down of all equipment
-C1 Pro software from setup to capture
-digital backs and the camera's they fit on; and some pro's and cons.
-Phase One P-series back menu function and setup for shoot
-Canon MKII menu function and setup for shoot
-bringing images from cards into C1 Pro
-Processing images in C1 Pro
-chip cleaning (Canon and Phase One)
-hands on experience with the equipment
-problem solving techniques, tips, and advice
-how to be a tech from getting the call, to being on set, to delivering files.
-simulated shoot with students as techs
-backup strategy

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