October 10, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Oct 10, 2007 — FanBridge, the leading provider of email and mobile fan list management for musicians, today unveiled a new proprietary software program that allows bands to have fans signup for a fan list directly on any computer at the merch table. An easy to follow interface is presented to fans, and the program automatically validates the data and saves it to a data file for easy input into a FanBridge account.

“The idea for this new service offering actually came directly from our users,” states FanBridge co-founder Spencer Richardson, “Users came to us asking for a way to easily collect fan info at shows. They were tired with the amount of time it takes to manually type in fan information from paper signup sheets, as well as the amount of guesswork in trying to read illegible handwriting. Our new program solves these problems, saving bands time while increasing the size and integrity of their fan lists.”

Lost in translation
Based on feedback from many touring bands and internal research, FanBridge estimates that artists lose some 20-30% of their potential fanbase due to fans giving poorly written and/or improperly formatted information and poor transcription on the part of artists. Multiplied over the large number of shows musicians play each year, artists are missing out on thousands of fans in the current process. To help encourage accurate fan information, the program is customizable for international users by allowing different data formats depending on location. The foreign userbase of FanBridge, representing more than 70 countries, helped encourage this international focus.

The greener way to get more fans
In addition to solving the problems artists face with the inefficient merch table signup process, FanBridge also believes that the environmental considerations of paperless fan management are an important driver in the launch of their new program. Richardson notes, “The average number of sheets of paper a band uses at their shows is about 3-5, which when factored over the number of shows over a year performed, and then multiplied by the total number of performing bands worldwide you quickly start to see that paper fan lists account for some 300 million sheets of paper, the equivalent of roughly 30,000 trees, each year.”

About FanBridge, Inc. is the leading provider of fan email and mobile fan list management for musicians. Offering free and purchased plans, FanBridge enables bands to more easily build, manage, and communicate with their fans. FanBridge currently serves thousands of bands from more than 70 countries, with clients ranging from unsigned garage bands to major label international recording artists.