Indianapolis Organizing Consultant is Selected by International website as Author of Site’s New ‘Blog Central’

October 10, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
INDIANAPOLIS/CARMEL, October 10, 2007 – - "A world of organizing solutions!" has selected Indianapolis Organizing Consultant, Author and Speaker, Janet Nusbaum, as an expert on home organization and organizing a downsizing move. Beginning October 8th, Janet will host two weekly Blogs for the international company:

• Every Monday – titled: The Simplified Home
• Every Wednesday – titled: Moving to a Simpler Life

In 2000, founder Ramona Creel launched a collaborative world wide network of professionals who offer a wide variety of solutions for everyday organizing challenges — both at home and at work. is a place where people can learn and share ideas about how to better use their time and space, reduce clutter and stress, and find products that solve organizing problems. The goals of are simple:

• Convenience — find everything that you need on one site without
searching the web

• Find an Organizer – request a referral to an expert Organizer, Speaker or Coach

• Interactivity & Sharing — don't just read about organizing…get involved and find support in the forums!

• Expert Content — articles, tips, and other valuable information that change monthly

• Organizing Products – the site offers hundreds of organizing products to solve any space or organizing challenge

Janet has been a preferred provider, author and product seller for for several years, and in October 2007 received the site’s coveted award: “Organizer of the Month”. Janet offers her signature Action File System, and family responsibility-building chore system “Mom, Can I Help Around the House” for purchase on the site. Janet comments “Being selected as a host of two Blogs for mega-site only strengthens the relationship between the two companies. I couldn’t be more excited to have been chosen as an Blog Central host!”

Janet reveals that "Over 80-percent of our clients call us because of challenges managing paper clutter in their home or office. Fortunately, it is an area we love to work and we offer can many solutions." Janet speaks, writes and consults on topics relating to home and office organization, space planning, work/life balance, and organizing a downsizing move. She shares a sampling of home management tips:

• Create a centralized command center - this spot becomes your central point of operation for home management activities.

• Store items closest to their point of use – for example, store tea bags and filters closest to where you brew tea. This will save you time and mental effort.

• Resist the urge to store low-use items on countertops - storing too many items on work surfaces takes up valuable work space and creates greater need for maintenance (cleaning).

• Keep high-use files within fingertip reach – high-use files are those that you refer to all the time — phone lists, school directories, catalogs, active projects. Store these files at your Command Center

• Establish a home for mail and mail processing – resist the urge to drop mail on the closest flat surface. Establishing a home for incoming mail will significantly reduce paper clutter.

About Simplified Spaces

Janet Nusbaum, Organizing Consultant, Speaker, and founder of Simplified Spaces, brings serenity and order to overwhelmed households, cluttered offices, frazzled parents, and transitioning seniors and families. Janet is a proud member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers), NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers), NABBW (National Association of Baby Boomer Women), and the Carmel Chamber of Commerce. To learn more, visit and receive our f*ree report “SHELF LIFE OF 75 COMMON HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS, find our favorite organizing products, learn valuable organizing tips and about our service offerings.