Global Language Jobs Offer Multilingual Vacancies for Bilingual Environments Requiring Multilingual Capability.

October 13, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Occident International is proud to announce the official launch of, the first and only global job board dedicated to the entire spectrum of multilingual jobseekers on a global level. The new job search site launches hitting the ground running in its mission to connect ethnically diverse language groups with employers committed to fostering a diverse workplace or simply having the need to recruit for language speakers.

Organizational diversity is now a key issue for nearly every corporation whether their reach is international or strictly local. connects business with candidates who offer both a strong CV/Resume and strong multicultural skills.

Global Language Jobs is the newest addition to the Occident International, Ltd’s family of global websites focusing on international, multilingual business. As one of the first entrants into the field of online global business, the experts at Occident International drew on 10 years of experience from the online employment industry to recognize and fill the need for a vertically global job board specifically for multilingual candidates.

"We have seen how difficult it is for employers using job boards not targeted to a diverse audience to attract language candidates, and we created to solve that problem,” says Jim Hart, founder and MD of Occident International. “Our recruitment partners will be able to offer employers value-added exposure to diverse candidates without having to invest in the extensive marketing and content development needed to effectively reach this segment of job seekers."

As the European Union, the Internet and other globalizing forces create new and expanding business relationships throughout the world, Global Language Jobs provides clients with access to talent not found at more generalized job board. With this focused talent pool, we help our clients leverage the advantages of diversity, filling key positions and increasing the strength of their organizations is free for job seekers and features language employment news and commentary, language bloggers and job listings. Polls and forum discussions will allow users to vote on current language issues and discuss workplace diversity challenges.

The site operates on the same principle as other language job boards; participating recruiters submit their vacancies to increase visibility for their jobs. But there is one important difference: have the experience and know-how to attract a truly global audience of minority job seekers.

In many cases, a lack of diversity happens by accident. Companies expand to new markets or find their client demographics shifting over time. Global Language Jobs helps our clients shift with the demographics – using internal diversity to open new doors and expand existing business relationships.

A good record on diversity provides a strong competitive advantage as companies hire and sell to Japan, China and all throughout Europe. Through clients are able to create a more capable and adaptable workforce, as well as reinforce a sense of cultural awareness.

The result: Better relations between employees and importantly, better communication between you and your clients, customers, partners and investors.

Global Language Jobs
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