The survey of law firm marketing practicies

October 13, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
New York, November 4, 1999: American law firms spend an estimated 3.5 percent of their annual billings on marketing, according to a new study just published by Primary Research Group. The study - The Survey of Law Firm Marketing Practices (ISBN 1-57440-040-1) - is based on a survey of 75 randomly selected American law firms with a mean of 59 partners. It provides the survey data for the entire sample as well as broken down by number of partners per firm. For select questions, it provides the data on a per partner basis.

Other findings of the study include:

61.64 percent of the firms in the sample have full-time in-house marketing directors; 33.78 percent have staff writers or editors; 26.47 percent
have staff graphic designers.

The firms produce a mean of 3.65 newsletters. They spend an annual mean of $10,673.00 on newsletter production and printing, including the
costs of staff time.

28.00 percent of the firms have advertised on radio or television or through space ads.

In the past year, the firms spent a mean of $49,783.00 entertaining existing clients, while they spent a mean of just $9,429 entertaining
potential clients.

32.69 percent of the firms indicated that client prospecting is a major factor in compensation. 16.00 percent noted that client prospecting
counts toward billable hours requirements.

The study includes more than 100 tables, containing data on staff positions and consultants related to law firm marketing; use of brochures,
newsletters and other printed materials in law firm marketing; and use of technology in law firm marketing. The report also includes data on
partner and associate marketing and rainmaking responsibilities.

The Survey of Law Firm Marketing Practices is available from Primary Research Group for $98.50 (plus $5.00 shipping and handling). To order
the study, call 212-764-1579, or write to Primary Research Group, Inc./68 West 38th Street/Suite 202/New York, NY 10018. Orders may also be
faxed to 212-302-6530 or e-mailed to

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