Bounce PR - working for the environment

October 13, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
‘Environment’ is still very much a buzzword of 2007, but do companies really know what it means, and how they can apply the term to their business?

Bounce PR is in the fortunate position to answer yes to the above question. Even though still a relatively young company, Bounce PR is able to confidently help businesses effectively market their environmental credentials.

‘There are so many people using words such as ‘sustainable’ and ‘green’, but not actually knowing what they mean and how they can affect their businesses,’ explains Tori Oldridge, partner of Bounce PR. ‘It’s easy to hear these words and phrases being thrown around, especially now popular television programmes have jumped on the bandwagon as well, but it’s an entirely different thing to be able to stand up and say that your business subscribes to these ethics.’

Tori has studied environmental issues at both degree and masters level, and has also began a PhD in Life Cycle Analysis. Her CV includes chairing the Environmental Committee for the Clay Roof Tile Council, and she was also part of the steering group of the Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Profiles for Construction project.

‘If the buzzwords were used more effectively then businesses would see how their environmental credentials could be taken more seriously,’ says Faye Colver, partner of Bounce PR. ‘We have just published our own Environmental Policy on our website, and we hope that this will show clients that we also practice what we preach. As our websites states, we do not want to save the planet single handedly, but we do want to do our bit for the environment.’

‘There is so much environmental legislation around, including standards such as ISO 14001 and grants available to businesses if they subscribe to an environmental policy,’ continues Tori. ‘We want potential clients to see that we understand these issues and can help them with their PR and marketing so they are still able to subscribe to these areas.’

Bounce provides PR and marketing services to clients across all sectors. Based in Epworth, South Yorkshire, Bounce offers complete PR and marketing packages along with individual jobs. The company also has a monthly subscription service starting from £50 per month, where clients can subscribe for a month at a time and receive advice and support without having to pay full agency fees.