Horns & Hoofs release new BIGWIGS Album

October 13, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Bigwigs are Jurek Przezdziecki (EPI CENTRUM AND MASS TURBO) and Grzegorz Magnuszewski (KINO OKO) - two well respected Sonic Architects from Warsaw ,Poland - delivering their second long waited album after their original full length Bigwigs debut on Digital Structures records ,but it was 4 years ago.

Bigwigs are well known for their innovative, fresh musical ideas and the unforgettable eccentric live performances.

This album is a unique , fresh and extremely addictive sonic venture-the collaboration of scatterbrained and compulsive , the collective of noises in varying degrees of twitchy, restless (in) sanity competing for one mind.

Thatís what happens when two artists stepping outside their regular roles to make what feels like a genuinely instinctive, mental-fuelled record that zings with an enthusiasm for all spectrums of todays modern electronic dance music.

As we approach the end-point of 2007 it's unlikely that a more vivid or arresting release will drop this year, marking The National Heroes of Sonic Parallel as not only an audacious accomplishment, but one of the year's best releases.

From BigWigs:

Bigwigs is an experimental project, from itís out set and forever. Our music stems from the color and diversity which surrounds us. Inspired by many genres and periods which

do not fit todayís electronic music form, we create a separate world of musical illustrations rich in harmony, rhythm and stories. We present you with our point of view and our definition of body and mind engaging music.

We want the diversity of our compositions to give you the possibility to reach beyond the horizon of your sensations and contacts with electronic music thus far. Our goal is to offer original and controversial solutions, strong and deep emotions.

With this album we hope that you will feel as we did when we made it. During the recording we never met once. The recording process was 3 months of exchanging musical ideas. We exchanged pieces of music until the final composition was ready.

We are very satisfied with the end result. We would like to thank you for purchasing the album and devoting your time to listening to it.