Once™ Introduces Single-Use Panties for Women

October 24, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Richmond, VA – October 24, 2007 – Once™ announces the debut of a new single-use panty created for women. Designed by a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Fashion Design, the single-use panty from Once™ is breathable, soft, stretchy, stylish, and is perfect to wear “once” and then toss.

“The Once™ single-use panty is designed to address the dynamic needs of women from hygiene to convenience as identified through years of consumer research,” said Ms. Tiffany Overstreet, VP of Sales & Marketing for Once™.

Ideal for women on the go, the Once™ single-use panty is designed for use during ‘that time’ of the month, travel, during or after working out, spa treatments, or when there is simply no time for laundry.

Research conducted by Once™ showed that a linkage exists between women’s daily underwear choices and their daily activities, but that underwear could also influence a woman’s confidence throughout her day.

For example, women reported a feeling of frustration when they wore their ragged and worn back-of-drawer panties during ‘that time’ of the month, but at the same time, women would not wear newer panties for fear of staining the panties and having to move them to the back of the drawer.

The revolutionary new Once™ single-use panty gives women the opportunity to liberate themselves from wearing frayed and worn back-of-drawer panties during ‘that time’ of the month and will no doubt spare countless women the embarrassment of having to go commando when they open up their panty drawer only to find it completely empty.

Once™ is available for purchase in the sanitary protection aisle at select H-E-B and Meijer retail stores, as well as www.wearonce.com.

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