7 Brands Inc. is ready to translate more than 400 Languages

October 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
After conquering its space in the Hispanic-Latino translation market, 7 Brands Inc. is ready to deploy a strategy to become one of the few companies in the world offering translation for more than 400 languages.

Since the market is already packed with dozens of translation competitors offering several languages, 7 Brands (http://www.7brands.com ) will adopt a niche approach, focusing on hardly known idioms such as: Tharu, Nivaclé, Rutul, Tsonga, Ewe, Mazanderani and Nyamwezi.

Camila Saunier, the Marketing VP, explains that offering hundreds of hard-to-find languages will enable 7 Brands Inc. to penetrate difficult markets already dominated by older competitors, “If we try to approach 500 fortune corporations offering basic languages, few doors will open. But, if we offer those rare languages that most of the big translation companies don’t bother to carry, we will become a necessary supplier for these large clients”.

The company also offers run-of-mill languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese, but the idea of focusing their market efforts in difficult languages is an innovation in the translation market.

7 Brands will also count on another competitive advantage. The company has an experienced and international management team located in New York – where the company has its headquarters. Nonetheless, most of the operational procedures will be outsourced to its Brazilian office, “We have high quality standards closely managed by our New York people, while our operations are supported by an extremely cost-wise team in Brazil. The final result is a premium quality service at a pricing significantly better than what is offered by any other competitor” – says Camila Saunier.

We will see how this strategy works soon. 7 Brands Inc. promises to share with us an aggregated study about how many of the Fortune 500 companies use these hard to find idioms and which percentage of the total translation today is related to these rate idioms.

Further information about 7 Brands Inc. and its business may be obtained by contacting its headquarters through pressrelease@7brands.com or contacting the company’s toll free number 800-725-6498.