Double Edge Press Publishing Releases 3 Books Simultaneously by Same Author

October 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Double Edge Press Publishing is announcing the simultaneous release of its next three books, all written by the same author, Martha Curtis-Dougherty. Double Edge Press is a small, regional publishing house in the Pittsburgh area and has an on-line presence in the Hummingbird World Media conglomerate website

It averages four titles a year and began publishing in 2005. The year 2007 has already seen two releases, "Ceilidh's Quest" by two time Maxwell award winning author Gail MacMillan, and "For the Sake of Terror" by retired Deputy Director of Process Control under the Secretary of Defense.

All this simply seemed to be a prelude to the massive effort of releasing three further books in the 2007 year: "Bits and Pieces", "Thirty-Six Years Later", and "If Only I Could Talk" all by the same author, Martha Curtis-Dougherty.

Rebecca Melvin, CEO of Double Edge Press, states that the first two Martha Curtis-Dougherty books were on the publishing schedule since the beginning of the year, but the third book, "If Only I Could Talk" was a complete surprise that was arrived at little more than a month prior to the scheduled release date of November 1, 2007.

"Martha is a talented photographer as well as a writer. She already has over 1400 images on the Hummingbird World Media site for sale. She came to us with some really entertaining and thought-provoking stories of what she felt some of her subjects would say if they could talk, and it just sort of went from there," Rebecca Melvin explains. "It is the first full color photography book with text that we have done, and with a time-line of less than a month to prepare it and get it to the printers, along with her other two titles, it was certainly a challenge. But one that I am proud to say we met, and I think splendidly at that. They are all going to be really great additions to our catalog."

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