Veteran comic book artist Tony De Zuniga on Innocent Special Edition manga

October 24, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
King Tractor Press is proud to announce that Tony De Zuniga's wonderful art will be gracing the special edition of Innocent Volume 1 manga in next month's Diamond Previews NOV073695. Tony has worked on such classic comic book series as X-Men, Conan, Thor, Incredible Hulk, and Spider-Man.

Here's a preview of the Innocent Volume 1 cover art.

Innocent is a popular webcomic that regularly gets 50,000 readers a month, hosted from the King Tractor Press website This first volume collects a year of the regular series plus 57 pages of story unavailable online. The story is a cross between "Blade" and "Pulp Fiction"; a tale of an angel and psychopath who become friends and business partners. Together they fight demons, fanatics, and ancient evils around the world.

"I'm a huge fan of De Zuniga, his work includes many of my favorite books," say Shawn Granger, writer of Innocent. "I would have to say that Hex is one of my greatest influences, I've been reading the series since I was six. To see Tony's art on a book that I've worked on is a dream come true."

The first volume of Innocent is 196 pages in manga format. Besides being the first volume of Innocent to be released, it is also King Tractor Press' first plunge into the popular manga format. The publisher's previous books have been all released as singles through Diamond Distribution.

"We believe in the future of the manga format, there is a lot to like," said King Tractor Press rep. Claudia Nolasco, "with the smaller size but larger page count it seems to be a win-win for everyone. Retailers can keep more titles with the same shelf space they have now. Customers can buy complete stories, or even series instead of having to stop off at the shop every month or two."

Claudia went on to say "The manga format has proven to be very popular with younger readers, even for books like ours that weren't created in Japan . We're not the first American Manga, but we're going to work to be one of the best. Everyone at King Tractor Press is excited about the new direction; hopefully our current fans will be too."

King Tractor Press is an independent publishing company located in Los Angeles, California. They also plan to release the collected works of Family Bones, issues 1 to 5, in early 2008. Other titles include Devil Water, Family Bones, Alecto: Songbook, and The Devilfish Project.

A PDF preview of some pages from Innocent Volume 1 can be found at

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Innocent Volume 1
Written by Shawn Granger
Art by Tony De Zungia, Nei Ruffino, Jennifer Aponte, Daniel Zeta, Nando, Mannie Abeleda, and Daniel Vera
King Tractor Press
Manga / Graphic Novel
Two Versions/Covers:

1. Artist Kerem Beyit ISBN 0-9787486-2-X ISBN13 978-0-9787486-2-3
2. Artist Tony de Zuniga - ISBN 0-9787486-3-8 ISBN13 978-0-9787486-3-0