Debt Collection Companies Find New Business Leads

October 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Phoenix, AZ – According to an article in The Washington Post in 2006, the debt of the typical American family earning about $45,000 a year rose 33.1 percent from 2001 to 2004, after adjusting for inflation. The study is based on data from the Federal Reserve Board's Survey of Consumer Finances. As a result, there are more debt and collection companies than ever before rising to meet this demand. That means that finding leads for Debt and Collection Companies is as competitive as ever. One company, though, Leadpile (, is finding a way to connect debt and collection companies with leads.

“Competition in the debt market is fierce,” says Andrew Jacob, Leadpile CEO. “If debt and collection companies want to be successful, that means they need leads of people that can truly use their services. These kinds of leads need to be attained quickly and accurately and that’s where Leadpile helps.”

Since 2002, Leadpile has allowed lead originators and lead buyers to decide what price they are each willing to sell and buy the leads at, and how delivery of such leads will take place. But having a place to find leads isn’t the only thing that debt and collection companies need.

“There’s also that time factor I mentioned,” explains Mr. Jacob. “It’s important that any leads a debt or collection company gets are delivered immediately. With Leadpile’s system, lead delivery is instantaneous, so the process of buying and selling leads is much quicker than at other places specializing in business leads.”

Mr. Jacob explains that Leadpile helps several different industries but because of the national debt problem, debt and collection companies are some of the biggest customers to their site.

“The basic fundamental that makes Leadpile work is that there are always people looking for business leads and there are always people that have them. Thanks to the Internet, we’ve found a way to bring both of these groups together quickly online.”

Debt and collection companies can learn more about Leadpile by visiting their site at


About Leadpile: Leadpile, in business since 2002, is the World's Largest Exclusive Online Lead Marketplace. Leadpile offers the LeadGen "Space," the first ever secure, online, centralized location for Buyers and Sellers of Exclusive Leads to engage in an efficient, exclusive lead marketplace. The Leadpile Marketplace allows the actual Originators of Leads, and the Lead Buyers themselves, to decide what price they are each willing to sell, and buy, their leads at, and the way in which the lead delivery will take place.