Solid Leads For Equipment Leasing Companies

October 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Phoenix, AZ - October 25, 2007 — The Equipment Leasing Association (ELA), a non-profit organization representing leasing companies, says that 8 of out 10 companies turn to leasing to finance some, or all, of their equipment needs. The problem for many equipment leasing companies is finding buyers and getting connected to businesses in search of products. Rising to this challenge is Leadpile - the first ever secure, online, centralized location for buyers and sellers of exclusive leads in areas such as equipment leasing.

"Equipment leasing is a huge market," says Leadpile CEO Andrew Jacob. "Businesses spend over 200 Billion a year on leased equipment on average. But since there are so many equipment leasing companies, attaining market share can be difficult. Leadpile, however, helps Companies desiring to grow by providing them solid leads."

Leadpile is easy to use for both equipment leasing companies and those with genuine business leasing leads they're looking to sell. It allows both parties to decide the price and delivery of leads.

"Leadpile is unlike any other leads generator around because it puts the power of the transaction in the hands of the people buying and selling the leads. Plus, since everything thing is handled in 'real-time', the leads that equipment leasing companies get are fresh," Mr. Jacob adds.

Having reliable leads is the key, but so is the turnaround to when an equipment leasing firm gets those leads.

"Timing makes champions they say," says Mr. Jacob. "So if an equipment leasing company wants to be tops in their field that means they need solid business leads that are delivered right now. Going to a company after they've made their leasing purchases isn't the right time to make contact. Since our system works so quickly, businesses that use it have an advantage over other types of lead generators."

Leasing companies specializing in equipment can visit their site at to learn more.

About Leadpile: Leadpile, in business since 2002, is the World's Largest Exclusive Online Lead Marketplace. Leadpile offers the LeadGen "Space," the first ever secure, online, centralized location for Buyers and Sellers of Exclusive Leads to engage in an efficient, exclusive lead marketplace. The Leadpile Marketplace allows the actual Originators of Leads, and the Lead Buyers themselves, to decide what price they are each willing to sell, and buy, their leads at, and the way in which the lead delivery will take place.