Golf Fitness: Get In Shape In 30 Days

June 30, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Mike Pederson shows how to get in shape in less then 30 days with his new Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide. Golfers can now improve their game in their home, office or even while travelling with the new, cutting-edge golf fitness guide ebook, written by one of the leading golf fitness experts in the country.

“The secret to lower scores and longer drives is all about getting your body to move just a little better” says Pederson a 20 year veteran of the game. “The time commitment to training does not have to be that big,” notes Pedersen. “Just 15 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week will warrant improvement.” Inspiring golfers to focus on fitness can be almost as challenging as the game itself, but according to Pedersen, golf is viewed as a very athletic sport today, and golfers are beginning to realize that a fitter, more flexible body has a much greater chance at playing optimal golf. Learn more

Pedersen adds that golf involves muscular power and endurance – qualities that cannot be developed simply by playing more golf. “To become stronger and more flexible, to build stamina, a golfer has to implement a golf-specific conditioning program,” notes Pedersen. “Our physical limitations dictate our golf swing, not how many balls we hit, how many lessons we take or buying new equipment.” Pedersen also believes that being fit can help golfers complete a round without getting tired and giving up strokes on the last few holes, thus improving their chances at a better score.

Many golfers travelling on business find it hard to keep their game sharp. The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide has a section on simple exercises you can do while travelling to keep your body in top shape for golf. The only equipment is a piece of inexpensive exercise tubing that can roll up and be easily put in your suitcase.

The author Mike Pedersen, has helped over 10,200 golfers in the past 5 years play astonishingly better golf. Because time is so valuable the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide provides dozens of easy-to-do exercises that can be done in the home with simple and inexpensive equipment like the stability ball, exercise tubing and hand weights. The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide is now considered by many to be the most golf-specific exercise resource on the market. Mike personally designed all the golf-specific strength training, flexibility training, and cardiovascular exercise programs that are at the heart of the program.

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