Gentleware Unveils New Apollo for Eclipse and oAW Eclipse Distro

October 26, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Hamburg, Germany - October 26, 2007 - Gentleware AG, a leader in innovative visual modeling tools, announced today the newest release of the top-rated Apollo for Eclipse version 3.0, with a primary focus on enhanced productivity and stability. Brand new from Gentleware, the new openArchitectureWare Eclipse distribution, which bundles the oAW framework with Eclipse and all dependencies, was also introduced to the community.

Apollo for Eclipse is a robust and flexible modeling extension to Eclipse for software developers who want to flexibly combine the advantages of visual modeling using UML (Unified Modeling Language) with programming in Java. The uniquely intuitive modeling tool provides a powerful feature set such as roundtrip engineering for Java 5 and superior scalability to make developers more productive. Version 3.0 adds support for Eclipse Europa (Eclipse 3.3), discovery functionality to explore related classes, configurable array dimensions, and more. Since its debut in October 2006, Apollo for Eclipse is consistently one of the top-rated plugins at the Eclipse plugin directory Eclipse Plugin Central (EPIC at

Also highly praised and top-rated by the EPIC community is the openArchitectureWare model-driven software development (MDSD) generator framework, to which Gentleware is also a committer and strong advocate. openArchitectureWare (oAW) supports arbitrary model parsing, transformations, and code generation to build new MDSD tools; prebuilt workflow components can be used for reading and instantiating models, checking them for constraint violations, transforming them into other models, and generating code. As a convenience to the community, Gentleware is pleased to be able to offer the oAW framework bundled with Eclipse and all dependencies in a single installation.

"We regard oAW as the best-of-kind tool to build generators and MDSD tools, and we are proud to contribute the oAW distro to the community," says Marko Boger, CEO of Gentleware. "It provides an excellent point to start from. You can think of Apollo as a sample for the cool things you can do with it. It is like a domain-independent DSL for code analysis. But tooling for domain-specific languages has to be custom-built, which Gentleware provides as service offering."

Apollo for Eclipse is offered under either a rental or a subscription license. Base functionality is immediately available free of charge, extended functionality for export can be activated at the Gentleware website ( for as little as 5 EUR (6 USD) per month or 48 EUR (56 USD) per year. The openArchitectureWare Eclipse distribution is available free of charge from the Gentleware oAW website (


About Gentleware
Gentleware AG is an established authority in modeling and provides its expertise to create business value from models. Gentleware's products have reached millions of users worldwide and its services have advanced thousands of IT companies. The product line Poseidon for UML is specifically built for analysis and design in software development. The product line Apollo for Eclipse addresses the modeling needs of programmers and developers.

Gentleware's services enable its clients to transpose concepts from model to business. Services include custom tools, training and coaching in modeling, model transformation, and code and documentation generation. At its core, Gentleware synthesizes leading edge open source with custom-built code to create value.
Started in 2000, the company is led by founder and CEO Dr. Marko Boger, who previously was the long-term driving strength behind the open source project ArgoUML. Gentleware is a contributor to the UML 2 and SysML standards of the OMG and is a member of the Eclipse Foundation.

About Apollo for Eclipse
Apollo for Eclipse[TM] is a robust and flexible modeling extension to Eclipse for developers and programmers to dynamically create and edit models alongside code. Fully synchronized roundtrip engineering for Java 5 and UML 2.1 provide insights into existing code, quality documentation and an exemplary means to draft and refine code. It is the first UML extension for Eclipse based on GMF, EMF and UML 2, and seamlessly integrates into the IDE. It is available as an RCP stand-alone tool or as an Eclipse 3.3 plug-in from

About openArchitectureWare (oAW)
openArchitectureWare is a modular set of tools for Model-Driven-Software-Development (MDSD). As part of the Eclipse Modeling Project and with numerous plug-ins, it perfectly integrates itself into the Eclipse platform. openArchitectureWare supports any kind of model â UML models, specialised graphical models (Visio diagrams, GMF Editor diagrams), as well as textual models. It is one of the first tools with completley integrated support for textual modelling with its outstanding Xtext technology. Arbitrary output can be generated from the models. Extensive possibilities for checking and transforming models are available. There are also ready-to-use model importers for numerous modeling tools.

openArchitectureWare is developed by a team of freelancers and employees of the supporting companies itemis and Gentleware.

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